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Here you will find information about exploring your options as well as tools for landing a job. Want to know about average salaries for jobs related to Southwestern’s programs? Go to Careers and follow the drop downs. Not sure where to begin with your resume? We have advice and samples to help you get started.

Stanford's Entrepreneurship Corner Tom Kelley, IDEO Do What You Love


The top achievers in almost every profession, career and field of achievement have built their lives around their unique strengths and natural talents. If you want to find the best career for yourself, begin by looking at what you do well and what you love to do.

Jack Canfield: Choosing a Career


Making education/career decisions can be challenging. But here’s a suggestion career counselor/blogger Penelope Trunk offers her readers. "Don’t worry about choosing the best option; choose any (well-researched and practical) option. Just pick one thing to do. And if that doesn’t work, then pick another." Making a decision and trying it out is an important career skill.