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Southwestern's Programs?


-- Occupations in Arts & Humanities
-- Occupations in Business
-- Occupations in Culinary & Baking
-- Occupations in Education
-- Occupations in Health Care
-- Occupations in Information Technology
-- Occupations in Public Safety
-- Occupations in Science & Math
-- Occupations in Social Sciences
-- Occupations in Trade & Technical <-- stackable certificates across all areas here!

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How do I prepare? 

Get through school? 

Get a job?


-- Administrative Office Professional: Foundations for All Professions
-- Are cover letters passé?
-- Career Pathways in Business: Earn While You Learn
-- Checklist for Developing Strong References
-- Deeper Dive: Campus Resources for Getting Through School
-- Deeper Dive: Community Job Search Resources
-- Deeper Dive: Identifying Career Direction
-- Deeper Dive: Organizing What You Need to Land a Job
-- Do you know your networking style? It makes a difference in your work life.
-- Exploring Careers Quickstart: Useful Resources & Online Tools to Help You Decide
-- Getting Started: what is your resume saying about you?
-- How Classwork Skills Train Apply to Professions
-- Physical Demand: Careers Aren't Just About the Knowledge
-- Powerful Tools for Overcoming Fear of Speaking in Public Speaking
-- Scholarship Advice? Local Blogger Keeps Us Up To Date
-- School's In - What Will You Be Doing When School's Out? Things to Think About
-- Successful Interviewing: Telling Your Story to Fit Their Story
-- Ten Tips for Turning an Interview Into a Job Offer
-- Two Keys for Creating a Tipping Point Toward Positive Change
-- Welding: Essential Skills & Tools With Many Career Options
-- Why is Social Media a Must for Your Job Search




how do I start?

what do I need?



Get started with some sage advice:

Getting Started: What is your resume saying about you?
Deeper Dive: Organizing What You Need to Land a Job
How Classwork Is Practice for Your Professional Life


Download some samples:

Administration or Customer Service Sample Resume PDF Word
Computer Information Systems New Graduate Resume   Word
Criminal Justice Part-time Resume   Word
Dental Assistant New Graduate Resume PDF Word
Digital Design New Graduate Resume   Word
Medical Assistant New Graduate PDF Word
Medical Clerical Internship Resume PDF Word
Nursing New Graduate Resume   Word
Looking for Part-time Position Resume PDF Word
Restaurant New Graudate With Experience Resume   Word
Welding New Graduate Resume   Word


What else?

-- Past News: Baseline Skills from 2018 Oregon Student Success & Retention Conference
-- Past News: Hiring Forums: Local Employers Surveys: What They Look For


If the Oregon Career Information System was part of high school, or you are already working and want to fast track your exploration, you should connect with the more advanced version of it through Workforce, Coos Bay! They will get you into the advanced version that allows you to explore job interest and skills that map to post-secondary programs, schools, and scholarships along with valuable tools for planning your life beyond your educational path.






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  • 01/11/2018 in Live It Blog

    Career Pathways in Business: Earn While You Learn

    Back to Career Center Home! Southwestern Business Programs teach the baseline skills required for all professions! You get instruction in all the essential skills for all professional work. Activities like communication, exploratory research, collaboration, and project management are the foundations. As you go further, you can learn the fundamental skills required for running a business – accounting, advertising, leadership, marketing, management, supervision, and using data for decisions....
  • 01/11/2018 in Live It Blog

    Welding: Essential Skills With Many Career Options

    Back to Career Center Home! Southwestern's Welding program stacks credentials that help you earn more as you complete. The program culminates in an Associate's Degree. All credentials are certified with the American Welding Society . Welding employment opportunities are very different from other professions. Evolving from the oldest educational system known to civilization, Welding professions follow not only formal education requirements, but work-based experience like that of apprentices,...
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    Physical Demand: Careers Aren't Just About the Knowledge!

    Back to Career Center Home! Southwestern currently offers prerequisites or all required training for over 70 occupations in 6 disciplines that are heavily predicated on physical fitness in order to perform adequately in those professions. A student interested in any of these occupations should both understand and practice a health and fitness routine that best acclimatizes their bodies to longevity in any of those professions. In some of these areas where physical fitness appears to be in a...
  • 01/10/2018 in Live It Blog

    Administrative Office Professional: Foundations For All Professions

    Back to Career Center home! The material in this program is far and away the most expansive in terms of applicability. The overwhelming majority of professional occupations require skills learned in AOP because that material is the foundation of how all businesses and organizations work . Communication, customer service, spreadsheets, word processing, file and record organization are but the tools. Proficiency in working with people, organizing information and managing projects in varying...