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Education as a career is as broad as the career spectrum itself. You can start your learning experience to become any kind of educator here, at Southwestern, however our program is focused primarily on early childhood and elementary education.

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Generate ideas here, then connect with our staff advisors or your faculty advisor to make a plan.

There are frequently many education paths to a target occupation, and there are many occupations your education could apply to! Some occupations in this area have short-term certificates that expand your opportunities as you learn.

How this list was compiled

Competitive Education Occupation (click on name for Oregon profile!) National Average
Bachelor Adult Basic and Secondary Education and Literacy T $50,650
Bachelor Education Administrators, All Other $78,210
Master Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary $92,510
Bachelor** Education Administrators, Preschool and Childcare $45,790
Bachelor Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Educati $55,800
Bachelor Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education $52,620
Bachelor Middle School Teachers, Except Special and Career/ $56,720
Associate** Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education $28,790
Bachelor Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Care $58,030
Bachelor Special Education Teachers, All Other $53,860
Bachelor Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Eleme $57,040
Bachelor Special Education Teachers, Middle School $58,560
Bachelor** Special Education Teachers, Preschool $52,460
Bachelor Special Education Teachers, Secondary School $59,700
Certificate** Teacher Assistants $25,410
Bachelor Teachers And Instructors, All Other, Except Substi $30,110


About the Author: Jenny Jones has Master's of Science in Mathematics and an MBA. Her writing stems from her research as a TAACCCT grant data analyst and her passion for empowering individuals to greater intellectual heights through life-long learning.