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catering servicesAre you looking to add a special touch at your next gathering?  Southwestern Oregon Community College’s (SWOCC) beautifully landscaped campus is located on the scenic southern Oregon coast approximately 115 miles southwest of Eugene and 110 miles north of the California State line. North Bend Airport is located 2 miles from the campus and has commercial flights to and from Portland and San Francisco every day. The campus offers a peaceful, wooded setting with state-of-the-art facilities.

Whether you are hosting a business meeting or planning a wedding, SWOCC Dining Services help create a memorable experience.


Lynn Whitley
Director of Catering
Phone: 541.888.7189

Dining Services:

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catering studentCatering Your Events  
SWOCC Dining Services can serve as a host for corporate conferences and business meetings, seminars, camps, banquets, weddings, dinners, receptions, holiday parties or any other social gathering. We can provide catering a myriad of options that include refreshments, buffets, and formal dinners.

Full-service, in-house catering China, glassware, and napkins included with food and beverage service Beer and wine approved for OCCI facility Facilities are multimedia equipped

Menu Items
SWOCC Dining Services has a Catering Menu to narrow down what options are best for your event. We are also happy to custom build and tailor a menu for your gathering.

Capacity and Price
SWOCC offers a variety of facilities of differing capacity in which you can host your catered event. See Planning Your Event for more information.    

SWOCC facilities are available almost year-round.Depending on the school schedule, more meeting spaces may be available. Summer offers some of the best space availability.Throughout the year space is also available Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


It is necessary to make room reservations before making arrangements for catering. Contact the SWOCC Facilities Scheduling Office to make room reservations.

There are several venues on the SWOCC campus available for reservations and catering services.The most popular spaces are:   

Campus Location Room Capacity
Eden Hall Auditorium 100
Lakeview Rooms 175
Oregon Coast Culinary Institute 200
Hales Performing Arts Center Auditorium 500

Any inquiries regarding these or any other locations should be directed to the SWOCC Facilities Scheduling Office.


Catering arrangements are facilitated though the catering office. Campus departments and other SOCC organizations with budget account codes should place orders directly through the catering office. All other organizations and individuals should contact the Director of Catering, Lynn Whitley.  

SWOCC has first right of refusal on all catering events. Should you like to give your event a more custom feel, we are happy to design a menu based on your desires and budget. Please ask us for assistance.

Room Reservations
The various campus departments, student organizations & general public must first contact the SWOCC Facilities Scheduling Office prior to making arrangements with dining services.  

Signed Contracts & Billing
Once a room has been reserved orders can be placed for any catering requests. Contact the Director of Catering to place requests for service.  

After the order request has been received by Dining Services a Catering Contact will be drafted.  Campus departments and student organizations will need to a Catering Contract to be signed by a designated college authority and returned with the appropriate budget code account number.  The contract must be received prior to the scheduled event.  

For organizations and individuals not affiliated with SWOCC will require a Catering Contract to be signed and returned to the Director of Catering for Dining Services two weeks prior to the event. Exceptions can be made to the two week minimum notice, but rely on the ability of Dining Services to accommodate requests and must be approved by the Director of Catering. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking catering services, with final payment due within 2 weeks after an invoice has been issued. Failure to comply with the final payment due date will incur additional charges, applied increasing weekly.

Any events honored prior to the receipt of a signed Catering Contract will be charged a $25 processing fee. Catering Contracts that remain incomplete pursuant of five working days of an event will incur additional charges, applied increasing weekly.  

All orders should be made 5 business days prior to an event. Any order received subsequent to the 5 business day window will incur a surcharge to cover the costs sustained by Dining Services in order to accommodate these requests. Every effort will be made to fulfill the request, but it cannot be guaranteed. Please contact the Director of Catering to determine what services may be feasible.

Southwestern Oregon Community College is the only authorized food service provider for the campus of Southwestern Oregon Community College. Food purchased from any other caterer or source is not permitted on campus. Dining Services has the first right of refusal for any and all catered events on the SWOCC premises (including college sponsored or employee personal events).  

Final Guest Counts
When a requisition for catering services is placed with Dining Services the ordering party will be asked to provide an estimated guest count.  This number should reflect a realistic number of guests anticipated in attendance of that event. The final guaranteed guest count must be received and acknowledged by the Director of Catering no later than 5 business days before the scheduled event.  

The ordering party will be charged for the guaranteed number or actual guest count, whichever is higher, that the Director of Catering has on file 5 business days prior to the scheduled event. Any changes to the guest count after 5 business days prior to the event will incur additional charges.  Every effort will be made to accommodate increased guest counts received after the 5 business day deadline. However, those changes are subject to the ability of Dining Services to make those adjustments and not guaranteed. For increased guest counts a $2.00 per person fee will be assessed.  

Cancellations of the entire event or menu items can be made at any time prior to the scheduled event.  No fees will be assessed for cancellations received and acknowledged by the Director of Catering five business days (excluding holidays) prior to the event.  

Cancellations of an event made less than five business days (excluding holidays) will be subject to a $50 processing fee.  Menu alterations made during this time period will be subject to other fees.  

Any cancellations or changes not received and acknowledged by the Director of Catering within 48 hours of the scheduled event will be charged for 100% of all items ordered.  Dining Services understands that some last minute cancellations are occasionally unavoidable.  In those cases the Director of Catering will work with you to minimize cancellation charges.  

Custom Menus
Dining Services is happy to customize a menu to fit any requests or desires and budget. Please allow one week for the Director of Catering to provide the costs with a custom menu.  Menus can be created to match any themes, family recipes, or other request. We feel that is of the utmost importance to meet and surpass any and all expectations to provide a memorable and successful event.  

Special Dietary Considerations
Special dietary considerations including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and specific food allergies can be accommodated by Dining Services.  These options are to be discussed when making catering arrangements with the Director of Catering. Additional charges may apply for some special dietary needs.  

Alcohol Policy
The permission of alcohol of the SWOCC premises is subject to campus regulations. OCCI’s facilities do have the proper permits for alcohol service of beer & wine. All inquiries and requests must be discussed with the Director of Catering prior to the event.  

Food Leftovers
Due to health regulations, perishable leftover food may not be removed from the event site. SWOCC will not be held responsible for food items removed without our knowledge or prior consent from the Director of Catering.  

Weekend & Evening Catering
Any request for weekend or evening catering is based on advanced booking. Weekend services may require additional service fees at a prevailing rate.

Off Campus Catering
Off campus catering is handled on a case by case basis. Please contact the Director of Catering for further information.

Location Set Up
Dining Services will make arrangements for buffet tables when appropriate. For seated events it is the responsibility of the ordering party to make arrangements with Dining Services on what necessary seating arrangements will be required.  

Any and all requests for Audio-Visual requirements are handled through the SWOCC Facilities Scheduling Office and may be addressed at the time of reserving a room.

Custom Rentals
Dining Services will supply white linen tablecloths for food service tables only, at no additional charge. Dining Services will coordinate the rental of linens for seating tables, however they must be ordered two weeks in advance of the event. The cost of these additional linens will be reflected on the final invoice. A variety of colored linens are available at an extra charge. Should the ordering party require a color of linen Dining Services is unable to rent, they may be rented by the separately.

cloth napkinsSouthwestern Oregon Community College is dedicated to creating and supporting sustainability through action and education. Throughout the first year of operations SWOCC Dining Services has implemented several practices that serve to reduce our carbon footprint and be good stewards of living what we teach.

The first action SWOCC Dining Services undertook was to eliminate all Styrofoam products that had been in use.The product selected for current use is 100% compostable in 45 – 65 days. This includes clear cups, utensils, and to-go containers.  

A Chef’s Garden was constructed in the summer of 2010 that supplies fresh produce for the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute and SWOCC Dining Services. There are also plans in development for a composting program. This program will dramatically reduce the trash production of SWOCC Dining Services. SWOCC Dining Services also recycles whenever possible.

Since the college took over Dining Services in September 2009 several changes have been made to daily operations. All new equipment purchased is Energy Star rated and old equipment is recycled. All cooking is done primarily from scratch and not using processed foods, eliminating extra energy and packaging. Cooking oil is recycled through a tallow redemption program.

We make every effort to use local suppliers & vendors in our food production.  Some of the local vendors include:

  • Day Ship
  • Stalk Market
  • Hallmark Fisheries
  • Umpqua Dairy
  • Abby’s Greens
  • Jake’s Mushrooms
  • Carlton Farms
  • Draper Valley Chicken

We continue to make strides to implement sustainable practices wherever possible.