Southwestern Oregon Community College offers Earthquake Preparedness Training. The Cascadia Subduction Zone. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. You hear about them on the news, read about them in the paper, and see them online. What’s all the fuss? Are they as scary as they sound? Through a series of four classes filled with interactive presentations, animations, and maps, combined with fascinating hands-on activities and demonstrations, we’ll discover what it means to live on the edge of an active tectonic plate.

• Class 1 – The crust of the West Coast has been changing, moving, and recycling itself over millions of years. Learn about tectonic plates and the amazing story of the scientific evidence that led to our understanding of them.
• Class 2 – What is an earthquake? What causes earthquakes? What happens to the Earth’s crust during an earthquake?
• Class 3 – Tsunamis! Why do we have them? Who’s at risk? How do we know there have been large tsunamis on the Northern California and Oregon Coast?
• Class 4 – Don’t be scared, be prepared! There is much we can do to stay safe while living on the edge! Learn and practice what to do to get prepared and survive the event.

Diane Cavaness, retired science instructor, will teach this class. This class meets at the Curry Campus in Brookings on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:20pm February 7 through 28. The cost of the class is $35.00. For more information, or to register, call the college in Brookings at 541-813-1667, or in Gold Beach at 541-247-2741.

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Gold Beach, OR – Southwestern Oregon Community College is offering a 4-session lecture series, Predators are Priceless, in Gold Beach. In a series of 4 lectures, this class examines predators: their diversity, natural history, ecology, and how the future of predators is linked to our own.

Predators are essential to the ecosystem. Why? Just to give you a sneak preview: predators actually increase ecosystem diversity and resilience. Teeth, claws, fangs, webs, poison, camouflage…these are a predator’s arsenal for success! It is a case of eat or be eaten, tooth and claw (or poisons and antidotes). It is a battle for survival that produces constant change in both predators and prey. Everyone has to eat! The chameleon depends on its ability to blend, the cheetah on speed, the spider on entanglement; there are so many different ways to capture breakfast.

This lecture series led by Nancy Treneman is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 20; Saturday, Feb. 4; Friday, Feb. 10 and Saturday, Feb. 25 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Southwestern’s Gold Beach Center. Pre-registration is required. For more information or to register call the Gold Beach Center at 541-247-2741.

Southwestern SBDC offers business training in Brookings

Brookings, OR – Are you looking for a way to be more effective as a business owner? Are you trying to finance your business? Want to plan for business expansion, retirement or selling your business? Beginning Thursday, February 9th, the Southwestern Oregon Community College Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is offering a 4-session workshop that focuses on building a business on solid ground using a business plan. Participants save time and avoid costly mistakes by learning how to grow a successful business and how to write a business plan. Participants learn why a business plan is important, how to use one and how to write an effective business plan that will get results. Participants also get free access for 3 months to the popular online business plan template LivePlan. This valuable series of classes provides an opportunity to share ideas with other entrepreneurs, learn business planning techniques, and locate resources helpful for business owners. A previous participant commented, “This class is well worth the time and dollars. I’d forgotten some of these concepts over the years and I look forward to putting this information to work in my business.”

The program’s format includes classroom meetings on Thursday, February 9th and 23rd and March 9th and 23rd. Class starts at1:00 pm and ends at 3:00pm at the Southwestern Oregon Community College Brookings campus, 96082 Lone Ranch Parkway. The presenter for this course is Arlene Soto, Small Business Development Center Director.

Effective July 30, 2007, Arlene M. Soto became the Southwestern Oregon Community College Small Business Development Center Director. From October 1994 until July 2007 she was the Region 4 Director for the Wyoming Small Business Development Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming. From 1988 through October 1994 she was the president of Oasis Group, Inc. a consulting firm in Portland, Oregon. She is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), has a Masters Degree in management from Marylhurst University and a Bachelors Degree in accounting from Portland State University. She has been working with businesses in the accounting field since 1976 and in management since 1988.

In addition to the classroom time in the course participants receive: free one-to-one business advising, free market research, access to LivePlan an online business plan template and tools for business decision making. Access to other SBDC resources, is available and is included in the cost of the training. This course is required for participants in the Neighborworks Umpqua Dream$avers program for business ownership. What’s Your Plan will be offered in Curry County three times per year. Preregistration is required. The cost of the training is $125. The cost covers the complete program, as well as materials.

Those interested in attending can contact the SBDC at 541-756-6866 for more information or register online at Payment for the class can be mailed to the Small Business Development Center, 2455 Maple Leaf, North Bend, OR 97459.