Take the creativity of design and integrate it with advanced software skills and you have Digital Design.

Our contemporary world is infused with digital graphics and multimedia. From websites to video games, digital design is integral to the modern economy. Our new Digital Design Pathway prepares students for careers in a range of emerging creative disciplines, including:

  • graphic design
  • web design
  • digital photography
  • 3D computer animation
  • video game development

Southwestern’s Associate of Applied Science CIS in Digital Design is delivered entirely online. While many students choose to work from home, they have the option to take onsite sections when available. The two campuses offer a wide array of support services, including computer labs and tutoring services.

The Digital Design degree at Southwestern Oregon Community College offers classes in design fundamentals, digital imaging, photography, programming, 3D modeling, animation, and other digital media specialties. Much of the coursework is hands-on, allowing students to explore design principles and technical strategies in an applied context.

Buoyed by generous tax incentives, Oregon has a burgeoning digital media sector. The video game industry alone has contributed more than $100 million to the state’s economy and feature film & television production continues to expand in the Portland metro area. The Digital Design Program is an ideal introduction to these emerging creative industries.

Upon successful completion of the Digital Design program at Southwestern, students will have compiled a professional portfolio, prepared for industry certification exams, and developed the knowledge and skills required for entry-level positions in creative and support professions.


For further information about the Digital Design Degree Program at Southwestern, please contact:

Joseph Tremonti
Associate Professor of Digital Design
Southwestern Oregon Community College
96082 Lone Ranch Pkwy
Brookings, OR 97415
EM: [email protected]
PH: 541.888.1680

Joseph Tremonti is a new media artist and digital designer based in Brookings. Passionate about both art and technology, Joseph completed a Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Visualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After graduate school, Joseph helped to develop one of the top 3D animation curriculums in the University of Hawaii system. His work has been exhibited at venues including the Ars Electronica Center (Linz, Austria), NTT InterCommunication Center (Tokyo, Japan), and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, IL). Joseph joined Southwestern in 2014.