In your online course, you will find an enthusiastic instructor ready to teach and fellow classmates ready to learn. The major difference is that the classroom is virtual rather than at a physical location. This classroom is available to you 24 hours per day, so you can “attend” anytime and complete your coursework. However, you will still follow a schedule and meet deadlines. Your course will be divided into weeks or modules, and your live lectures will be replaced with content that can include but is not limited to textbook readings, PowerPoints or other files, interactive websites, podcasts, and videos. You will participate in classroom discussions, take quizzes, and turn in homework. The classroom website allows you to do this all electronically.

Yes you will find that you have due dates in your online course just as you do in a face to face course.

A distance (D) class is fully online; there is no face-to-face instruction time.

A hybrid (HB) class uses an online component to replace some of the face-to-face instruction time. There are specific meeting dates and times for hybrid classes, but there is also the expectation that students will spend a significant amount of class time online.

A web enhanced class does not replace any face-to-face instruction time, but it does include an online component for additional work and resources to use outside of class. Some of your face-to-face courses may be web enhanced.

Grading is most often based on assignment grades, participation in class discussions, and test grades. Please read your syllabus carefully for grading information.

You may have exams online. Tests are timed and are usually offered only during specific days. Some faculty may choose to have these proctored so please read your syllabus very carefully to see if you need to participate in proctored exams. Southwestern does have proctoring services available for those in this area. Please see the online proctoring times on the distance learning pages. If you are at a distance you can generally find a proctor at places like a local library or school. Please make these arrangements ahead of time with your faculty member.

  • If you haven't completed an Application for Admission, you need to do that first.
  • You will receive your myLakerLink ID and password. 
  • Before you register using myLakerLink, you will first need to complete the Student Record Form, which takes 48 hours to go through.
  • Log in to myLakerLink, click on myLakerLink for Students.
  • If you need assistance with registering, please check the How to Register for Classes in myLakerLink document.
  • Click on Register for Classes.
  • Make arrangements for payment with the Student First Stop Center at 541.888.7352.
    • Registering for an online class creates a financial obligation on your part (You have reserved a space in the class that is not available for anyone else).
    • You may drop classes within the first week of the term and receive a full refund. If you later decide, for whatever reason, to drop a class, you will still be financially responsible.
    • Technical difficulties (unless verified by the host/provider college), lack of financial aid, or not being prepared for the coursework will not excuse you.

Note: To receive financial aid, you should be enrolled in a degree or certificate program.