Is distance learning right for me    How do they work

Please consider carefully your comfort level with computers and technology. If you feel you need more computer skills before attempting a Distance Learning course we would recommend you take an on-campus course such as CS 0170.

Digital File Management:

  • Ability to create, name, save and find your documents.
  • Download and upload documents via the web, as well as attach to and save from email.
  • Transfer files via USB drive and/or cloud storage.

An online presence and web browsing:

  • Be comfortable communicating with your instructors and classmates online.
  • Navigate online coursework, due dates, instructions.
  • Ability to search for and determine legitimate Internet source material.

Self-motivation and persistence:

  • Know that online learning has a unique set of challenges and objectives.
  • Procrastination is not your friend. It’s important to submit assignments before the deadline with some time to spare - allowing for possible system or connection problems that may delay your submissions.

In your online course, you will find an enthusiastic instructor ready to teach and fellow classmates ready to learn. The major difference is that the classroom is virtual rather than at a physical location.

  • This classroom is available to you 24 hours per day, so you can “attend” anytime and complete your coursework.
  • You will follow the term schedule and meet assignment deadlines the same as you would in a face to face class.
  • Your course will be divided into weeks or modules. Live lectures will be replaced with content that may include textbook readings, PowerPoint presentations, interactive websites, podcasts, and videos.
  • You will participate in classroom discussions, take quizzes, and turn in homework. Our web-based Learning Management System, eLearning, allows you to do this all electronically.