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Adult Basic Skills

If you have a high school diploma or GED® and need some extra help in reading, writing, or math, the Adult Basic Skills (ABS) faculty and staff can help. ABS classes can help you improve your reading and writing skills, improve math comprehension, enhance your job skills, learn to write a resume, and learn computer skills. ABS instruction is provided through our General Education Development (GED®) and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.

Are you a recent High School graduate?

Keep your skills sharp and ready for your first fall quarter as a Southwestern student! Take advantage of ABS summer classes and be ahead of the rest on that first day of college.

Want to improve your placement scores?

Did you know you can re-take your placement exams if you are not happy with your score? Brush up on your math, reading, and writing skills with our ABS classes and take a re-test!


To enroll, new students must attend an Orientation and take a placement exam. Placement exams are used only as a guide to help instructor develop individual programs of study for students. Results are shared with the student so they are aware of areas to focus on. Orientations are held the first day of each academic quarter and classes begin the following day.