General Admission Information

Southwestern has an open-door admission policy and welcomes students who wish to obtain a quality education and have the ability to benefit from instruction.

Students younger than 18, who have not graduated from high school or earned a GED, should meet with an advisor/counselor and his or her parent(s), to fill out the "Underage Student Orientation to College" and "Underage Agreement" forms. Please contact the Educational Support Programs and Services office in Stensland Hall or call 541.888.7405.

Students in need of assistance with any part of this process, are encouraged to see the Admissions Office Staff in Dellwood Hall, room 4, or call 541.888.7636 or 800.962.2838, ext. 7636 to schedule an appointment.

Si usted necesita mas ayuda, por favor, llame a Educational Support Programs and Services al teléfono 541.888.7408 or 541.888.7407.