ISP Conditional Admissions

ISP Conditional Admissions

Please be advised that Southwestern Oregon Community College currently does not offer an English as a Second Language (ESL) program for international students with an F-1 visa. We admit international students only for academic study at our college. A TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent score is required for international admissions and we admit students with low TOEFL scores (45iBT). 

We will offer a Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLA) if you apply to the language school and to Southwestern Oregon Community College at the same time. A CLA is helpful when you are applying for a student visa as proof of your conditional admission to Southwestern Oregon Community College and of your plan to continue your studies after the language school. 

Southwestern Oregon Community College has agreements with several local and national language schools (see list below), which allow guaranteed admission to our College upon completion of a specified level at the language school. Students who complete the conditional admission requirements will therefore not be required to provide TOEFL or IELTS exam results.  

Golden Gate Language Schools Campbell, California Intensive Program Level 12

School Location TOEFL Equivalent
American Academy of English (AAE) San Francisco or Oakland, California Advanced or ESL for Academic Purpose (EAP)
Brandon College San Francisco, California Advanced Level
Capstone English Mastery Center * Portland, Oregon Grammar and Reading/Vocabulary 3A
Converse International School of Languages (CISL) San Francisco or San Diego, California Level B2: High Intermediate
Education First (EF) Atlanta, Boston, New York, San Fransisco, Vancouver  Level B2-3
English Language Center (ELC) Boston, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara Level 600A
English Language Institute (ELI) San Francisco, California Level 6: Proficient

ELS Language Centers (ELS)

*Portland, Oregon or other locations ELS 109
Kaplan *Portland, Oregon or other locations High-Intermediate level
Pera College Vancouver, CANADA ESL 106-Academic English 1
Portland English Language Academy *Portland, Oregon Level 6: Proficient
St. Giles International-San Francisco San Francisco, California Level 5
The Language Company (TLC) Oakland, California or other locations Advanced (Level 9)
Vancouver International College Vancouver, CANADA Advanced course

* These locations are nearest Southwestern Oregon Community College located in Coos Bay, Oregon.

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