Southwestern Oregon Community College Integrated Technology Governance Charter

Purpose: Integrated Technology Governance Council will develop, prioritize, review, and evaluate the college technology plan in accordance with the vision, mission, core themes, goals, and strategic plan of the college.

Activities: The committee may pursue its purposes by undertaking appropriate activities chosen by the membership of the committee.  Activities specifically included are to:

  1. Develop a college technology plan.
    1. Synthesize technology needs of the college into a comprehensive technology plan that promotes the effective and efficient use of computer technology in instruction and in administrative services.
    2. Collaborate with appropriate councils and departments to develop the overall college technology plan including student services, instruction, operations, and telecommunications as components of the plan.
    3. Ensure consideration of the human and work design impact of computer technology systems in technology planning.  Include the impact on students, classified staff, faculty, and managers.
  2. Set priorities in accordance with the college strategic plan.
  3. Incorporate technology goals into college strategic plan.

ITS Governance Charter