SWOCC Registration Process

Students must have the instructors’ authorization via myLakerLink or on the add/drop forms to add courses after the first Wednesday of the term. Students may withdraw from a course or from college through the second Wednesday, 5:00 pm, or within the course’s refund period without responsibility for a grade. Withdrawing after the refund period will result in “W” grades on transcripts. Students may withdraw with a "W" grade until the Wednesday before finals week. Students are strongly encouraged to consult the instructor before withdrawing to ascertain their status in the course.


In order to assure that all available class seats are filled with students - both registered students and students from the waiting lists - Southwestern enforces an attendance policy.

Instructors may administratively withdraw students from classes if the students do not attend 100 percent of class meetings and associated labs during the first week of each term. Additionally, all instructors may administratively withdraw students from part-term classes (those which do not span the entire term) if the students do not attend the first class session. Students who are unable to attend the first class meeting must contact the instructor by phone, fax, e-mail or in person prior to the first class meeting if they wish to avoid administrative withdrawal. Southwestern Oregon Community College is not responsible for liabilities associated with the administrative withdrawal of students.

Any student whose behavior disrupts the educational process of a course can be administratively withdrawn from that course. It is the procedure of Southwestern Oregon Community College that an individual will be subject to involuntary administrative withdrawal from campus and related instruction if it is determined, by clear and convincing evidence, that the individual is suffering from a physical, emotional and/or behavioral disorder and as a result of the disorder engages or threatens to engage in behavior which:

  • Poses a danger of causing physical harm to self or others
  • Could cause property damage
  • Could directly and substantially impede the educational process and/or the lawful activities of others

The College reserves the right to request for good cause a physical, psychological or psychiatric examination of a student any time the examinations may be in the best interest of the College and/or the student. The College shall pay for the examinations.


Students who are interested in taking a class but do not need the credit may choose to audit credit classes and pay only 50% of the regular tuition.* Students auditing classes participates fully in the class but are not required to take tests and does not receive grades. To qualify for the audit discount, registration is required within the refund period. Fees and registration procedures are the same as when the students take the class for credit. *Discount applies to tuition only. Students are responsible for all course fees. Some classes are not eligible for this discount because they have prerequisites or require admittance to a program (e.g. Nursing). Non-Southwestern web classes are not eligible. Some classes are fee-based rather than having tuition (e.g. web classes, OCCI and community education classes that are self supported) and are excluded from the discount. For more information, call a Student First Stop Center at (541) 888-7352 or  (541) 813-1667.


To change a major or specialization, students must complete the Change of Major form and return it to the Educational Support Programs & Services (ESPS) office or, in Curry County, to the advisor. Changes to majors made within the second week of the term will apply to the current term. Changes made thereafter will apply to the following term. For graduation and class scheduling purposes students need to use the catalog of the year for which they declared their majors.


A course that must be completed prior to another course is a prerequisite. Many courses have prerequisites that can only be waived with instructor or advisor authorization. Students may request that the prerequisites be waived if the students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the course. Instructors will submit a Course Authorization via myLakerLink or sign the Add/Drop form available at either Student First Stop Center. Students may be withdrawn from courses if they have not completed the prerequisites from the prior term. Online students may contact Educational Support Services and Programs (ESPS) at (541) 888-7405 or (800) 962-2838 ext. 7405 for assistance.


Students planning to register for a course that requires instructor consent must have the instructor's authorization via myLakerLink or on the add/drop form.


When students register for courses that are full, they are placed on waitlists. Students in waitlisted courses will be notified by their Southwestern e-mail when seats are available and they have permission to register via myLakerLink or at either Student First Stop Center. Students are given three (3) days to register. The waitlist ends the Thursday before the first week of classes. Afterwards with instructor authorization, students may register in the wait-listed courses.