Living on campus in the residence halls provides access to:

  • Increased academic support resources
  • A supportive learning environment
  • Increased interaction with faculty and staff
  • Increased personal safety with 24 hour presence of campus security officers
  • A Recreation Center
  • A Computer Lab
  • 3 On-Site Laundry Facilities
  • A Study Lounge in Trinidad Head
  • A Student Lounge in the Lighthouse Depot
  • Basketball & Volleyball Courts
  • A Barbeque & Picnic Area
  • Available Meal Plans

The fully furnished apartments feature:

  • Single and Double Bedrooms
  • Major Appliances
  • Individual Internet Connections
  • Free Wi-Fi and streaming movie service

Please read the Application Process for instructions on how to apply for on-campus housing. For more information, contact the Student Housing Office at 541.888.7635.

Please see the Housing Cost information on the Housing home page. 

Students sign a Room and Board Agreement that is binding for the full academic year (three quarters, September through June). Should you decide to leave Housing prior to the end of the academic year you will need to inform Housing. If you plan to leave at the end of a specific term, complete a room cancellation form by the deadline indicated in your Room and Board Agreement and return it to the Housing Office. Please see the Housing Cost chart for more information on refunds on deposits, etc.

New Students- If you are an out-of-district/ out-of-state freshman, college policy requires that you reside in Student Housing for the duration of your first year at Southwestern unless you have a dependent, are a veteran, are 21 years of age prior to the first day of class, or if student housing is filled.

Yes. Single occupancy bedrooms are available throughout housing on a first come first serve basis.

Yes. Southwestern has two apartments that are handicapped accessible. Each apartment features lowered counters and oversized bathrooms with walk in showers and support rails.

Your first housing payment needs to be in by your designated move-in date.

Yes. Meals are included in your room and board package. Please see the Food Service page for more information.

Your priority for a specific housing assignment is established based on the date you complete your online Housing Application and pay the $250 deposit.

For those not requesting a specific roommate, matches are made based on responses indicated on the Room Preferences section you will complete after completing and paying your reservations deposit.

See the the Housing Application & Room and Board Agreement.

Yes. On the Housing application, there is a space to request a room or apartment mate. Requests must be mutal.

Housing makes every effort to accommodate specific roommate and/ or apartment-mate requests, but bear in mind that all accommodations are made based on availability and subject to approval by Housing staff.

Housing Assignments are made on a first come, first served basis. Students will receive a letter indicating the building, apartment, and room they have been assigned prior to the start of the term for which they have applied. Assignment letters are sent out on a rolling basis, starting the second week in August for the upcoming fall term. This letter will also indicate the names of any future roommates along with their contact information. It is recommended that students, whether they are moving in for the first time or just switching apartments within Housing, make contact with their new roommates before moving in.

The apartments are open from the day you move in until the last day of spring term with the exception of winter break. Students may leave their items in their rooms and apartments over winter break but are required to checkout with their RA's 24 hours after their last final. Student Housing reopens for current students the Sunday before winter term starts.

Please see "Things I wish they told me to bring" document for more information.  Shop Our Campus Market to purchase items for your apartment.  Our Campus Market is a third party vendor the Southwestern Housing Department has partnered with to make your college experience better.  All purchases can be shipped to your Southwestern address.

A mattress pad is a plastic or cloth cover with elastic at either end used to protect the mattress provided to you by Housing. You are required to purchase a mattress pad prior to moving on campus, and the presence of a mattress pad will be verified during monthly Health and Safety Inspections. Students who do not have a mattress pad will receive a 24 hour notice to purchase one, followed by a fine if they do not comply with the notice. Mattress pads can be purchased at many local retailers including Walmart and Fred Meyer, as well as online through our partnership with Our Campus Market.

Yes. You may bring your own bed, but we ask that the bed provided for you by the college stays in the apartment you are living in. Before you decide to bring your own bed or furniture you will need to make sure you will have space for it as well as yours in your room.

No. Residents may not have animals live or visit them in their apartments due to health hazards such as fleas and possible allergic reactions. Animals include, but are not limited to, dogs, cats, birds, rodents, snakes, frogs, and lizards. Fish are permissible as pets, but the bowl or tank may not exceed five U.S. gallons.

Yes, students can bring both. However a TV may not be necessary.  We no longer offer satellite television in any of our apartments.  Southwestern Housing partners with Residence Life Cinema and students are now able to stream over 400 movies and TV shows straight from their tablet, phone, or computer with new titles available every month.

Southwestern Student Housing staff assist students in achieving academic success and personal growth by providing opportunities for them to expand their horizons through academic, social, cultural, recreational and service oriented programs. In addition, these programs are designed to give students tools to successfully become effective citizens both today and in the future. Some examples of these programs include:

  • Time Management Workshops designed to help students learn to find balance between the classroom, employment and extracurricular activities.
  • Study Skills Workshops designed to help our students increase their knowledge on how to study for college courses and how much time should be designated for each subject.
  • Film Festivals give students exposure to different cultures and lifestyles.
  • Alcohol Education Workshops
  • Cooking Demonstrations/ Competitions designed to help students make healthy meal choices and expand their diet to include foods from other cultures.
  • Socials
  • Off Campus Excursions to provide students with community connections and new experiences.

Yes! Please login to myLakerLink to find information on Student Discounts.

Local phone service is available for your room. If you would like a local phoneline, please submit a request at the Student Housing office to have it attached.

No, students do not need a car. A variety of convenient and affordable transportation options are available to residents, including the bus and local cab companies. Students with cars will need to pick up a parking permit from the Housing office when they arrive.

Health and Safety Inspections occur monthly in Student Housing and are conducted by your Resident Assistant and a Resident Director. The purpose of Health and Safety Inspections is to ensure that all apartments are maintained in a way that provides all residents with a healthy and safe living environment. This includes, but is not limited to, rooms and common areas relatively clean, undamaged furniture, all appliances/ lighting fixtures in working order, etc. Housing staff will not "go through" a resident's belongings, but will walk the entire apartment and enter all bedrooms to assess the overall condition of the apartment and identify any maintenance needs. Maintenance needs, from light bulbs to broken shower doors, should be reported to your Resident Assistant as soon as they are identified, and should not be put off until Health and Safety Inspections.

Occasionally during Health and Safety Inspections Housing staff will identify policy violations such as candles, furniture covering heaters, or empty alcohol containers. Each violation is handled according to the Housing Code of Conduct, and may or may not result in a fine to residents. In the event that an apartment fails Health and Safety Inspections due to a lack of cleanliness, residents will be given a 24 hour notice outlining areas in need of improvement. If identified areas have been addressed upon second inspection (which takes place within 24 hours), no further action is needed. If the areas indicated show no improvement, fines and/ or other consequences will result.

Contact your Resident Assistant (RA). When you have an issue in your apartment, from a leaky faucet to a messy roommate, your RA will follow the appropriate procedures to address the problem, whether that means submitting a maintenance request or calling an apartment meeting.

If it is an emergency you may call the duty phone at 541.260.6996.

Yes. Any search of rooms for reasonable cause conducted by Housing staff or Campus Security will be carried out only with the explicit authorization of the Housing Director or with your consent. If such a search is required, an effort will be made to have the resident(s) of the room present at the time of the search. A search involves a detailed inspection of the room including the opening of drawers and personal belongings.

The Lighthouse Depot located in Student Housing includes a student lounge open to all residents with a big screen TV, Foosball table, Ping-Pong table, and Pool table. Behind the Depot there is a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, and a large barbecue with a picnic area.

On campus, there is a state of the art Recreation Center available at no cost to all current students which includes a weight room, basketball court, racquetball court, game room, etc. Please see the Recreation Center website for more information, hours of operation, etc.