RECRUITMENT by Debbie Daniels

  1. Congratulations and Welcome to SWOCC:
    1. Francisco Saldivar! Francisco started as our Dean of Career Technical and Workforce Education January 16, 2018
    2. Sandra James! Sandra joined the SWOCC team as the Student Success Specialist for Reedsport February 1, 2018
    3. Janet Cassidy! Janet started February 12th as our Resident Director-Head Women’s Soccer Coach
    4. Kerry Joyce! Kerry started January 5, 2018 as our Nursing Assistant Instructor
  1. Open Positions:
  1. Executive Dean Curry County
  2. SBDC-REEF Executive Director
  3. PT Dishwasher
  4. PT Cashier
  5. Technology Software and Media Support Technician
  6. Student Success Specialist (Bandon)
  7. Resident Director

PAYROLL by Julee Wirth & Ann McCadden

  1. Monday, February 19th was Presidents Day. Be sure to add Holiday Pay to your timecard.
  2. 2017 W-2’s were mailed out earlier this month. If you have not received your W-2, please contact Julee Wirth at 888-7204.
  3. ACA Forms are mailing out this week

BENEFITS by Lisa Fletcher-Gordon

  1. Have you completed your New Hire Orientation? If not, contact your supervisor to ensure you are on the list for a group orientation.
  2. What is an EAP? An Employee Assistance Program provides services to help people privately resolve problems that may interfere with work, family, and other important areas of life. SWOCC uses RBH (Reliant Behavior Health) to provide this great benefit. As an OEBB member, there is no cost to you or your family members for using EAP services. Some of the services include: Confidential Counseling, Home Buyer’s Program, Will Preparation and Childcare Services. Take a few minutes to check out their web site at or contact them directly at 866-750-1327.

HOT TOPICS by Shari Jackson

  1. Is SWOCC one of the GREAT COLLEGES TO WORK FOR? Let’s find out. How? By taking the Modern Think Higher Education Insight Survey. The survey asks for your input on 15 different topics: 1) Job Satisfaction, 2) Teaching Environment, 3) Professional Development, 4) Compensation, Benefits & Work/Life Balance, 5) Facilities, 6) Policies, Resources & Efficiency, 7) Shared Governance, 8) Pride, 9) Supervisors/Department Chairs, 10) Senior Leadership, 11) Faculty, Administration & Staff Relations, 12) Communication, 13) Collaboration, 14) Fairness, 15) Respect & Appreciation. SWOCC has been participating in this survey since 2011. However, the participation rate has been extremely low ranging from 31% to 55%. I would love to have 100% participation this year to really dig in and utilize the results to drive forward improvements across the college. The survey will be open March 12th - April 6th.

Thoughts to ponder……………..

  1. “Choose a job you LOVE and you will NEVER have to WORK in your LIFE.” Confucius
  2. “I found out that the HARDER I work, the MORE LUCK I seem to have.” Thomas Jefferson
  3. “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.” Marva Collins
  4. “No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is.” Irvin Himmel