Southwestern Has An Internship Program!

intern at swoccInternships give students real-life hands-on work experience. You can gain valuable workplace insight while earning college credit. Most Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees, like the AAS Business Management / Entrepreneurship, require internships or Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) as part of the credits needed for degree competition. However, they are not limited to just that purpose. We encourage students to use internships to explore educational and/or career pursuits. For example, if you are thinking of becoming a teacher, nothing awakens your drive like a term assisting in one of our local classrooms. Internships are a great way to confirm your education and career path.

Internships can be paid or non-paid; it usually depends on the site and their resources. They can be for as little as 1 credit or for as many as 8 credits per term. The average is around 3 per term, which would be about 100 hours of real life experience to add to your resume once you complete your education.

Internships can also be the doorway into future employment and other educational programs. The key to a successful internship is early planning. Contact Trish Price at least one term before you would like the internship to begin. Together we can link learning and life!


  1. Students need to meet with Trish Price, Internship Coordinator, to make arrangements.
  2. Typically, the student interviews at the potential placement site to confirm the internship, at least a month before the term the internship begins.
  3. Registration for internship is done with Trish Price and a signature from either her or an instructor is required.
  4. Additional forms needed to complete the process include; the Approval, Agreement and Objective form, Statement of Confidentiality form, Supervisor and Student Evaluation reports and the Student Monthly Production sheets. These are available from the Internship Office.
  5. One credit equals 33 hours, depending on degree program, a term at the internship host site. Most employers expect 3 credit, 99 hours a term. This typically means a student can expect to spend 12 hours a week at the internship site for that term.  
  6. NOTE: Internships need at least a month or more to establish. Please contact the Internship Coordinator with this timeline in mind.
  • Explore career and educational possibilities
  • Fulfill degree requirements
  • Improve your resume
  • Earn credit with hands on experience
  • Develop a career network
  • Gain points for scholarships
  • Gather hours for other career/college programs
  • Gain confidence and self confidence
  • Have fun learning
Components of an Internship  

When beginning an internship, each student works with a faculty member, the Internship Coordinator, and the employer to establish learning objectives and a plan to achieve them.