OCCI Camps & Competitions

High School Student Culinary Camp

Are you dreaming of being a chef? Do you imagine yourself on Chopped? This three-day culinary camp is an opportunity for a student considering a career in the culinary arts to be immersed in a program designed to expose and broaden the culinary mind.

Students stay in supervised student housing. The cost of the student camp is $450. Should the student choose OCCI for their education, the $450 will be waived from the price of tuition.

Compete for scholarships

The Oregon Coast Invitational at Southwestern Oregon Community College’s Oregon Coast Culinary Institute is held in April. Students come to compete from around the Northwest in two competitions - culinary and baking.

In addition to the top three in each competition winning scholarships, every student participating will receive a minimum of a $250 scholarship to attend OCCI.

  • 1st place finishers receive a $4,000 scholarship to OCCI
  • 2nd place finishers receive a $3,000 scholarship to OCCI
  • 3rd place finishers receive a $2,000 scholarship to OCCI


Please contact Shawn Warren at 541-888-7309.