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South Coast Innovation Challenge:
An InventOR semifinal competition

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Welcome to the South Coast Innovation Challenge

The inaugural South Coast Innovation Challenge provides Southwestern students teams the opportunity collaborate on innovative solutions to societal problems and needs both large and small. Our intent with this contest is to foster a spirit of creativity and invention, while encouraging students to develop and apply their entrepreneurial skills. Our contest is a semi-final competition for the statewide InventOR competition, and the two best inventions we find this year will go on to the next round of InventOR competition against teams from 17 other Oregon colleges and universities.

This innovation challenge is for a tangible product or process which will have a physical prototype. Teams will be judged on their idea, their prototype and their pitch. Winning teams from our competition will receive up to $2500 from the InventOR program as a prototyping grant to assist with the refining, improving and producing new prototypes as the teams advance through the levels of competition. Student teams are encouraged to come from diverse backgrounds both in subject matter and cultural experiences . Truly interdisciplinary teams are found to be able to use their varied perspectives to craft unique solutions and approaches away from customary standard processes. Teams may consist of three or more members. For more on eligibility see our contest rules.

If your team is ready to take on this new challenge click here to view and complete the registration form.  

Team applications are due February 11, 2019

Faculty Contact

Are you a student interested in forming a team, but may have a few questions still? Are you a community leader, businessperson, or faculty member who would like the chance to mentor a team? Or, are you a business or organization who would like to sponsor our competition? If any of these apply, please reach out to our InventOR faculty lead: Coyner Aaron faculty 160920 0039

Dr. Aaron Coyner
Physics Instructor
Office Location: Coaledo 5A
Phone: (541) 888-7244
Email: [email protected]