From Oregon to Orbit: Inside Oregon’s First Satellite - Lecture by Andrew Greenberg, Portland State University

Coos Bay, OR –  Southwestern Oregon Community college is pleased to welcome Andrew Greenberg of Portland State University, faculty mentor for the Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS), as our first Physics and Astronomy lecturer of the year on Saturday December 1, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Hales Center for the Performing Arts. Mr. Greenberg will detail the project that the PSAS team has undertaken to create Oregon’s first satellite. What is OreSat? What is its mission? How do students and community members from across the state get involved with communicating with a satellite in space? This talk will give insight into what goes into launching a small satellite and why scientifically we should still conduct experiments from space.

Andrew Greenberg is the Chief Technical Officer at The TOVA Company. At Portland State, he primarily helps operate the Laboratory for Interconnected Devices, a rapid prototyping lab. He also serves as a faculty mentor for the Portland State Aerospace Society, a student engineering project group in the Masseh College of Engineering and Computer Science.

For more information of this event, please contact Dr. Aaron Coyner, Physics Instructor, at (541) 888-7244 or email [email protected]. This event is free and open to the public and takes place on the Coos campus of Southwestern at 1988 Newmark Ave., Coos Bay.