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SAN Replacement

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November 19, 2015



Southwestern Oregon Community College will replace an existing data Storage Area Network (SAN) with a new one that has more speed, more features, and greater capacity.


Southwestern Oregon Community College will replace an existing SAN with a new one that has more speed, more features, and greater capacity. This RFP is for the purchase of a SAN for the existing primary server room only. Southwestern Oregon Community College will also be considering the option to acquire appropriately sized compatible switching hardware, as well as consider the installation of the switching equipment or SAN by the service provider.

This SAN is primarily intended to house Microsoft Cluster Shared Volumes (CSVs) for use by six existing Dell PowerEdge R730 servers hosting clustered Hyper‐V virtual machines. Each server should have at least two 10 gigabit connections to the storage. The connections must be through two different switches (switches yet to be purchased and will be used solely for storage). The storage must have multipath support so that connection to the data is not disrupted in the event of a failed switch or failed storage controller.


  1. Service provider ‐It is a provider of parts or services, and is otherwise known as a “contractor” or “vendor”.


  2. “Must” and “Shall” ‐Indicate the state of being mandatory and not optional. In this document, all requirements that “must” or “shall” exist or take place are required in order for a proposal to be considered.


  3. “Should” – Indicates a preference for something. Proposals with stated preferences included will be scored higher than those without.


  4. “Can”, “May” and “Could” – Indicate an option for which there is no preference for or against. Such options are stated to provide suggestions/guidance to the service provider.


  5. “Usable Capacity” and “Usable Storage Capacity” – This is the amount of data storage space left for use by The College after the SAN is fully installed and configured for production use, including the setup of the RAID volumes, and including after the SAN software is loaded onto the array, if applicable.



1) Date and Place ‐Proposals can be emailed to [email protected] and must be received before Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Please do not attach zip files, they are blocked by our email filter). An automatic reply will provide confirmation of receipt of the email.

2) Submitting Proposals ‐The submitted proposal must be valid for a period of sixty (60) days from the closing date. Proposal submissions must include:

A complete copy of this document with the company name filled in on the title page
Signed statement (provided herein) from authorized signatory of service provider indicating their agreement to stand behind the proposal submission and its quotes
A proposal which includes all mandatory requirements and all information asked for within the Proposal Details section below, as well as details of any optional components described by the proposal details
Supporting documentation about the service provider detailing its experience and its abilities to perform the included scope of work proficiently and within the guidelines of this RFP
Minimum three (3) valid references for relevant work performed, only if installation or configuration services are included in proposal
Indicate if any training is included or required (including costs) to properly install and operate the equipment
Estimated dates of deliverables

3) Acceptability a) If proposals are incomplete, unsigned, conditional, illegal, obscure, illegible, or contain conditions not called for, reservations, erasures, alterations, or irregularities of any kind, they may be rejected. Late proposals will be rejected.

b) Dates for deliverables: The College reserves the right to reject a proposal if estimated dates of equipment delivery or estimated date to perform installation and configuration, if applicable, are deemed unreasonably distant in the future.

Delivery of equipment is preferred to be within 30 calendar days of proposal being awarded.
Installation and configuration, if included as an optional component of the proposal, is preferred to be completed within 45 calendar days of proposal being awarded

4) Costs a) The proposal costs should be Best and Final pricing. The college will not negotiate price with losing proposals after the submission deadline.

b) For proposals that include one or more of the stated optional components below, costs of all included optional components must be separated out from the rest of the proposal as well as from each other.

c) Travel and per diem, if applicable to proposal, must be included and separated out from the rest of the proposal.

d) All costs for the proposal must be included within proposal. Any and all other costs not specified must be absorbed by the service provider.

6) General Southwestern Oregon Community College reserves the right to:

a) Reject any or all proposals. Lowest or any proposal not necessarily accepted.

b) Choose the proposal based on a lowest evaluated bid, which includes, but is not limited to, costs. Lowest evaluated bid is based on scoring on several factors below.

c) Withdraw or amend this RFP at any time. d) Reject proposals from parties without reasonable acquaintance with the class of equipment or work specified.

e) Negotiate with the awarded service provider for adjustments in their proposal.

f) Accept or reject any combination of the optional components provided by the service provider as part of the proposal. g) Ask service provider for clarifications on details of proposal.

5) Scoring ‐Scoring of the proposals is based on the following items:

a) Vendor Qualifications

a) Stability, experience and abilities

b) Maintenance/support capability

c) References

b) Degree to which criteria in this RFP are met

c) Quality of goods and services offered

d) Perceived value of features in solution

e) Scalability

f) Performance

g) Capacity

h) Ease of implementation/management

i) Delivery schedule

j) Costs 6) Advertising Awarded service provider cannot advertise that any work, products or services were provided to The College without first obtaining the express written permission from The College. Southwestern Oregon Community College will provide express written permission upon satisfactory and complete implementation of winning proposal, if requested.

7) Implementation Incompatibility

Awarded service provider must acknowledge that if the proposed solution cannot be successfully installed in The College’s environment due to hardware or software incompatibilities that cannot be resolved by the service provider, then the solution will be returned to the supplier at no cost to The College.


Mandatory Requirements. The SAN Must:

  • Be in a new factory condition with full warranty


  • Include at least a five (5) year parts and labor warranty


  • Include replacement of broken and worn out parts under the parts warranty


  • Include software support for at least five (5) years


  • Have at least 40 TB of usable capacity of which at least six (6) TB must be solid state storage.


  • Be rack mountable in a standard four pedestal rack


  • include redundant 10GB (or better) Ethernet interfaces (DA/SFP+) for data


  • Have redundant controllers


  • Include thin provisioning for LUNs


  • Include automatic sub‐LUN tiering, if more than one tier of storage is in proposal


  • Be certified to operate with Microsoft Server 2012 environment


  • Run on at least two fully redundant AC power supplies Preferred Features. It is Preferred that the SAN:


  • Include snapshot features


  • Include deduplication features


  • Include compression features


  • Include RDMA features (SMB3, Multichannel Direct) over Mellanox 40GBE


  • Allow pinning of data to solid‐state storage


  • Include at least 60 TB useable capacity, before deduplication or compression


The Proposal Must Specify:

  • The amount of Usable Storage Capacity of the SAN before compression or deduplication (see above definitions)


  • The amount of Raw Storage Capacity of the SAN


  • The number and size (2.5” or 3.5”) of empty drive slots that are available/remaining (if any) in the proposed configuration


  • The number, capacities, and speeds of the drives included


  • The RAID levels supported


  • Rated IOPS and MB/s throughput specifications


  • The amount the SAN storage capacity can be expanded to in the future without the need for additional licenses or keys. In other words, what is the storage capacity limit from a licensing perspective


  • The costs of additional drives


  • The amount of vertical space the SAN solution takes up (excluding switches) in a standard 19” wide four pedestal rack (answer measured in 1.75” U’s)


  • The number and types of storage tiers in proposal


  • The number of storage tiers that the automatic sub‐LUN tiering supports


  • Whether the auto sub‐LUN tiering is autotuned, or whether it has to be configured or adjusted by The College over time


  • The auto sub‐LUN tiering schedule options


  • How many network interfaces are included, specifying how many are reserved for data versus for management if applicable


  • Hardware and software support features that are included, such as details about warranty for parts or labor, travel costs, on‐site/phone/email support, etc


  • What times within the term are there coverage (i.e. 24x7, 8x5)


  • Whether the solid‐state storage in the solution is configured as a cache or as actual storage, and whether the SSD storage can be configured in the alternate way if The College so chooses


  • What support options exist or can be obtained after year five


  • What entity provides each of the included kinds of support (the vendor or the manufacturer)


  • Whether deduplication acts immediately or on a schedule


  • Whether compression acts immediately or on a schedule


  • What the snapshot limits are (i.e. snapshots per volume, etc)


  • What licensing is included in proposal, and what other licensing options exist


  • If replication is included or available


  • What kinds of mounts or railings are included to mount the SAN within a rack


  • If the solution is customer installable


  • If there are any components that are NOT hot swappable


Optional Components:

(For proposals that include one or more of the stated optional components below, costs of all included optional components must be separated out from the rest of the proposal as well as from each other).

The service provider at its own discretion may include any combination of the following optional components in the proposal:

  • The option for service provider to include two appropriately sized and classed switches in the proposal (must specify makes and models)


  • Installation and configuration of the entire SAN proposal


  • Add two additional years of both hardware and software technical support and updates, to bring the total support coverage to seven (7) years


  • Addition of a cold spares package



I hereby certify, on behalf of the Company I represent, that the information and prices supplied as part of this proposal are accurate, and that the costs for any errors contained herein will be borne solely by the Company I represent.

Further to the above, I hereby certify that this proposal is submitted without any connection, knowledge, comparison of figures, or arrangements with any other company, firm or person submitting a proposal for the same.

Name of Company

Signed by Company Official


Date: __________________________