Math & Skills Day - April 28, 2016

On Skills Day, Southwestern joins with South Coast Educational Service District (SCESD) to bring in-district high school students to campus to compete in a variety of contests.  The ten high schools that participate include:  Powers, Myrtle Point, Coquille, Reedsport, North Bend, Marshfield, Bandon, Pacific, Gold Beach and Brookings. 

2016 will be our 41st year of participating in this fun day.  Skills Day was originally sponsored by SCESD and held at Southwestern.  Early contest titles varied from typing and shorthand, to the log boom run and welding.  Specific contests evolve and vary from year to year.  Today’s contests titles include:  pastel/sidewalk chalk art, student short film festival and video game development.  In 2000, Southwestern took on most of the details for the Day, with SCESD providing some support.  In 2003, Math Day was integrated with Skills Day in an effort to bring professional tech contestants together with academic contestants and to help reduce costs for travel and time away from the schools.  Last year we had approximately 180 students pre-registered for the day.

Registration forms are due April 22, for the April 28, 2016 contests. High school instructors compile lists of interested students and submit them to the college. Some contests have unlimited openings, others have only a few slots per school available.  In order to be certain that you have a space, it is advised that you register as early as possible. However, some contests may still have openings the day of the contest and students may be able to register at the actual contest.  Some students register for several contests, and will have to choose which contest they wish to compete in first/the most, paying attention to the limited time offerings for some of the contests.  Most contests will take place from 9 am-12 pm.  Some contests have slightly different check-in arrangements; and some run longer.