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Campus Employee Directory

Name Title Department Office Extension
Akers, Forrest Coordinator of International Students & Programs Enrollment Management Empire 213 7185
Anderson, Susan Testing/Counseling Secretary Educational Support Programs & Services Stensland 7405
Ashcraft, Audra Educare Team Leader Family Center Family Center 7356
Ashpole, Amber Humanities/Writing Faculty English Randolph 10A 7295
Ayala, Ruby Talent Search Specialist Talent Search/Upward Bound Randolph 8 7223
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Bacon, John Executive Director of SBDC/REEF Small Business Development Center Newmark 214 7001
Balogh, Heather Technology Training and Support Specialist Integrated Technology Services Randolph 1 7218
Barber, Kathy Parenting & Family Programs Specialist Family Center Family Center 7123
Barnard, Jessie Rec Center Technician Athletics Rec Center 7714
Bailey, Ian Student Success Advisor TRIO/SSS Randolph 6 7379
Barretta, Michael Custodian Maintenance Maintenance 7250
Battleson, Scott Curry Facilities Maintenance Facilities Maintenance Curry 140 541.813.1675
Bell, Ron Professor, Counselor Educational Support Programs & Services Stensland 109 7407
Belter, Joseph Director of Residence Life Student Housing Lighthouse Depot 7800
Belzer, Jaimee Program & Academic Advisor University Center Stensland 103 1518
Benoit, Michelle Director TRIO/SSS TRIO/SSS Randolph 6 7421
Bergstedt, Stacy Curry First Stop Representative Curry Campus Curry 541.813.1665
Bidari, Keshav CS/Software Development Instructor CIS/CS Tioga 402B 7286
Birskovich, Dan Family Center Coordinator Family Center Family Center 110 7445
Brandt, Shellie Admin Assist to the Deans of Instruction Instructional Deans Randolph 11 7369
Brazil, Shana Veteran's Services Coordinator Financial Aid Dellwood 19 7236
Brick, Fred History/Political Science Instructor History/Political Science Empire 208 7363
Brouse, Daniel Professor, Biology Biology Lampa 2 7245
Brown, Sharilyn Talent Search/Upward Bound Director Talent Search/Upward Bound Randolph 8 7317
Brumit, Vickie Admin Assist to the Director of Student Housing Student Housing Light House Depot 7634
Brunett, Emerald Director of Facilities Services Facility Services Maintenance 7229
Buell, Curtis Laker Learning Commons Resource Assistant Transitional Education Tioga 3rd Floor 1593
Buell, Honora Completion Specialist Title III Grant Stensland 104 7893
Bullock, Sandra Swim Coach Business/Athletics Prosper 209 East 1651
Bunn, Doug Executive Dean of Curry Campus Instruction    
Bunnell, Robin Institutional Researcher Integrated Technology Services Randolph 1 7339
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Cash, Jason Health/PE Instructor & Head Track Coach Instruction/Athletics Prosper 204  
Cassidy, Janet Women's Soccer Coach/Housing Resident Director Athletics/Student Housing Prosper 207 1666
Chandler, Wayne Maintenance/Custodial/Grounds Keeper Maintenance Maintenance 7250
Chilson, James Application Analyst Specialist Integrated Technology Services Randolph 1 7631
Chisum, Cathy Accounts Receivable Representative Business Services Dellwood 14A 7423
Clark, Del OCCI Admissions & Recruitment OCCI OCCI 105 7195
Clemens, Chelsea Welding Instructor Welding Fairview 7239
Cohen, Elizabeth Curry CARE Connections Childcare Resource and Referral Curry CARE Connections Curry 541.813.1674
Cole, Anna Administrative Assistant/Office Manager Office of Instruction Tioga 506B 7424
Cole, Michael Mail & Print Services Supervisor Mail and Print Services Tioga 100 7446/7381
Collins, Anthony Instructor, Transitional Education, Cross Country, and Track Coach  ESPS Faculty Stensland 108 7994
Contreras, Genelle Custodian Maintenance Maintenance 7250
Corriea, Megan Rec Center Supervisor/Softball Coach Athletics Rec Cntr 7207
Cowan, Valerie Talent Search Specialist Talent Search Randolph 8 7223
Coyner, Aaron Physics Instructor Physics Coaledo 5A 7244
Croy, Kyle Coordinator of Student Life and Events Student Services Empire 205 7316
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Dailey, Tim Vice President of Enrollment & Student Services Student Affairs Dellwood 9 7439
Daniels, Debbie Recruitment Analyst Human Resources Tioga 504 7115
Davies, Cheryl Associate Professor, Psychology Psychology Randolph 10B 7291
Deutschman, David Baseball, Health, PE Instructor Athletics Rec Center 2 7348
Dixon, Kathy Executive Director of Budget & Finance Business Services Dellwood 15 7408
Douda, Nate Psychology Instructor Psychology Tioga 316F 1616
DoVale, Nilda Visiting Instructor, Culinary Arts OCCI Sitkum 2A 1544
Dungjen, Richard Technology and Software Technician ITS Randolph 7 7425
Dunning, Cherri Care Connections Resource and Referral Provider Trainer Family Center Family Center 7915
       E    ^Top    
Eberlein, Chloe Student Success Advisor TRIO / SSS Randolph 6 7494
Ebert, Noelle Information Resources and Instructional Librarian Library Tioga 201 7431
Edmond, Michael Volleyball Coach Athletics Prosper 209 1650
Engelke, Jessica Business/Marketing Instructor Business Sitkum 2D 7308
Enriquez, Michael Technology and Software Support Technician ITS Randolph 7 7606
Ericson, Michelle Cashier/Dining Services Southwestern Dining Services Empire Hall 7638
Evans, Samantha Sous Chef Dining Services Empire Hall 7704
       F    ^Top    
Fabien, Ray Golf Coach Athletics Prosper 7347
Feger, Chelsea Talent Search Specialist Talent Search Randolph 8 7223
Fields, Mary Title III Project Director Title III Grant Tioga 103 1608
Fields, Bob Professor, Biology/General Science General Science Sitkum 2C 1500
Finney, Robin Nursing Educator Instructor Nursing Sumner 7 7441
FitzHenry, Leigh Assistant Director of Business & Finance Business Office Dellwood 17 7222
Fletcher-Gordon, Lisa Human Resources Contracts Coordinator Human Resources Tioga 504 7280
Folck, Darrell Baking & Pastry Professor OCCI OCCI 7314
Freim, Nicole Writing Instructor Writing Empire 219 7275
Fritz, James Associate Professor, Art Art Eden 6 7322
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Gerisch, Carl Director of Integrated Technology Services Integrated Technology Services Randolph 3 7707
Gibson, Corin Transportation & Events Coordinator Facilities Services Maintenance 7250
Gill, Grant Upward Bound Specialist Upward Bound   7223
Gonzalez, Danaye Child Care Resource and Referral Program Manager Family Center Family Center 103 7957
Graham, Tom Housing Maintenance Student Housing Light House Depot 7238
Gray, Vickie Student First Stop Representative Student First Stop Dellwood Lobby 7375
Grier, Teri In-District High School Coordinator Admissions Dellwood 7B 1620
Guenther, Kelsey Foundation & Resource Developer Foundation Tioga 503 7209
       H    ^Top    
Hamner, Elise Exec. Director of College Foundation and Resource Development Foundation Tioga 7211
Hancock, Julia Transcript Evaluator Student First Stop Dellwood 8 7246
Hansford, Jackie Academic Scheduler & Instructional Support Staff Office of Instruction Tioga 506A 7214
Hayden, Cally Grant Accounting Technician Business Services Dellwood 12B 7345
Helland, Kyle Career Pathways High School Liaison Admissions Dellwood 11  7470
Henderson, Rian Dental Instructor Dental Program B2-C 7430
Hennessey, Vickie Preschool Teacher Childhood Education & Family Studies Family Center 7290
Henry, Cindy Testing & Advising Coordinator Educational Support Programs and Services Stensland 7371
Herbert, Mike Athletic Director Athletics Prosper 201 West 7208
Holt, Ben Mathematics Instructor Mathematics Sitkum 2B  
Hoppe, Trevor Assistant Professor, Health/PE & Men's Basketball Coach Athletics Prosper 207B East 7279
Hubbard, Ronald Dishwasher Dining Services    
Hutcherson, Sean Associate Professor, Mathematics Mathematics Lampa 11 7230
Hutchinson, Beth Custodian Facility Services Maintenance 7250
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       J    ^Top    
Jackson, Shari Chief Human Resources Officer Human Resources Tioga 504 7259
Jenkin, John Curry First Stop Representative Curry Campus Curry 541.813.1668
Jennings, Alane C2 Grant Manager Workforce & Development Dellwood 18 1612
Johnson, Jeff Women's Basketball Coach Athletics Prosper  
Jones, Dawn Library Technician Library Tioga 2nd Floor 7262
       K    ^Top    
Kapocias, Bernadette Professor, Speech Speech Lampa 9 7374
Karroll, Frances Financial Aid Loans/Business Office Business Office Dellwood 14B 7440
Keen, Colleen Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid Office Dellwood 22 1617
Keene, Sara Anthropology/Sociology Instructor Anthropology/Sociology Lampa 7 7127
Keller, Rod Dean LDC & Developmental Education Instructional Dean Randolph 11B 7292
Koski, Mary Assistant to Public Safety and Emergency Training Programs Fire Science/Emergency Services/Criminal Justice Fire Science Bldg 3 7432
Kypriotakis, Kyriakos Math Assistant Professor Mathematics Lampa 5 7249
       L    ^Top    
Lal, Savinder Facility Services Supervisor Facilities Maintenance Maintenance 1591
Leader, Brooke Resident Director Student Housing Lighthouse Depot Lobby 7311
Lehman, Jen Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid Dellwood 22 1615
Lehman, Keith Procurement and Communications Technology Specialist Media Services Randolph 5 7293
Liggett, Rob Maintenance Carpenter Plant Services Maintenance 7250
Liggett, Shawn Title III Student Services Analyst Title III Grant Tioga 103 7221
Lisseveld, Piper CIS/CS Instructor CIS/CS Tioga 316D 7456
Livingstone, Tasha Forestry/Natural Resources Instructor Forestry Tioga 316C 7284
Lo, Natalie Child Care Resource and Referral Trainer Family Center Family Center 106 7957
Loiselle, Mary Small Business Development Center Business Counselor & Instructor Small Business Development Center Newmark 214 7026
Lundquist, Kelly Health/PE and Athletic Trainer Athletics Lampa 12/ Prosper Training Room 7281/7157
       M    ^Top    
Mageehon, Ali Vice President of Instruction Office of Instruction Tioga 506C 7417
Mankamyer, Aleta Curry Campus Assistant Director Curry Campus Curry 105 541.813.1671
Mantey, Peter Speech Instructor Speech Lampa 8 7121
Martin, Desiree Equipment/Supplies Supervisor Athletics Prosper Athletics Cage 7346
Farrell-Matthews, Anne Graphic Design/Communications Administrator Communications Tioga 503 7612
McArthur, James Security Officer Campus Security Umpqua Hall 7399
Metzger, Ron Professor, Earth Science Geology Coaledo 7 7216
Mill, Ryan Security Officer Campus Security Umpqua Hall 7436
Moore, Norm Security Officer Campus Security Umpqua Hall 7399
Mueller, Alicia Manager of Learning Resources Instructional Deans Tioga 316E 7465
Munoz, Jose Sous Chef for Dining Services Dining Services  Empire Hall 7704
      N    ^Top    
Neal, Dan Health Professor Athletics Prosper 204 West 7334
Nelson, Jeffrey Student First Stop Representative Student First Stop Dellwood 7352
Nicholls, Deb Executive Assistant to President & Board President's Office Tioga 510 7400
Nicholls, Tom Executive Director Enrollment Management Enrollment Management Dellwood 4 7611
Noland, Taya Childhood Education Director Family Center Family Center 102 7336
Northcutt, Kelly Motor Pool Technician/Bus Driver Facility Services    1561
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Paiva, Terry Custodian Maintenance Maintenance 7250
Parker, Brian Windows Systems Administrator Integrated Technology Services Randolph 3 7426
Paxton, Lori Proctor/Testing Coordinator Testing Center Tioga 405 7325
Paxton, Stevie Student Employment Coordinator Financial Aid Dellwood 22 7411
Peck, Amanda Preschool Teaching Assistant Childhood Education & Family Studies Family Center 7290
Pederson, Karen Medical Assistant Instructor Allied Health Sumner 8 7342
Petenbrink, Dallas Performing Arts/Media Services Technician Media Services Randolph 7 1519
Peters, Tony Fire Science Instructor Community and Emergency Services Fire Tower 7296
Pickett, Cleve Custodian Maintenance Maintenance 7250
Platt, Patrick Academic Advisor Educational Support Programs & Services Stensland 105 7272
Price, Trish Job Placement, Internship Coordinator Educational Support Programs & Services Stensland 106 7349
       R    ^Top    
Ramey, Michelle Curriculum Technician Office of Instruction Tioga 507 7416
Rescorla, Cheri Accounts Payable Business Services Dellwood 17 7241
Richards, Carol Administrative Assistant To VP of Admin Services Administrative Services Tioga 511 7206
Richards, Kim Bookstore Supply Coordinator Bookstore Stensland Bookstore 7265
Rogers, Brenda Community Education & Workforce Assistant Community & Workforce Development Dellwood 16 7328
Rosengarden, Maidie Childhood Education & Family Studies Lead Faculty Family Center Family Center 1575
Ruckdashel, Leisa Proctor/Testing Coordinator Testing Center Tioga 405 7325
Rushton, Lou Mathematics Instructor Mathematics  Tioga 316G  
Ryan, Julie EMT/Paramedic Instructor EMT/Paramedic Fire Tower 1554
       S    ^Top    
Saldivar, Francisco Dean of Career-Technical and Workforce Development Instructional Deans Randolph 11D 7312
Schrader, Aubrey Security Officer Campus Security Umpqua Hall 7399
Scott, Patty President President's Office Tioga 509 7401
Seeley, Allison Simulation Lab Tech Nursing Sumner 1 7269
Seldon, Julianna Administrative Assistant- Student Services Student Services Dellwood 1579
Severson, Jen Executive Chef Dining Services Empire Cafe 7995
Sharkey-Clausen, Genavieve Career Coach/Retention Specialist C2 Grant Tioga 306 1647
Shreckengost, Barb Admissions Representative Admissions & Recruitment Dellwood 4 7636
Shreckengost, Ryan Technology and Software Support Lead Technician Integrated Technology Services Randolph 7 7235
Shumaker, Karim Gold Beach Center Coordinator Curry Campus Curry 541.247.2741
Silva, Jenny Registrar & Student First Stop Supervisor Registrar Dellwood 7 7205
Simmons, David Custodian Maintenance Maintenance 7250
Singh, Avena Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid Dellwood 23 1583
Smith, Chris Office Coordinator Talent Search/Upward Bound Randolph 8 7223
Sperry, Melissa Nursing Instructor Nursing Sumner 9 1533
Spradley, Krystal Student First Stop Representative Student First Stop Dellwood 7375
Springer, Mike Chemistry Instructor Chemistry Lampa 3 1507
Stagg-Brown, Linda Accounting Instructor Accounting/Business Lampa 6 7318
Stalcup, Jade Nursing Secretary Nursing Sumner 4 7443
Stephens, Shawna Bookstore Manager Bookstore Stensland Bookstore 7351
Stone, Meredith Transitional Education Director Transitional Education Tioga 306 7353
Stroh, Terry Learning Management System Support Assistant Online Learning Tioga 323 1504
Stuntzner, Susan Director of Disability Services Education Support Programs & Services Stensland 107 1578
Straw, Lisa Sous Chef OCCI OCCI  
Stueve, Mark Corrections Education Director Shutter Creek Correctional Institution Shutter Creek 541.751.2254
       T    ^Top    
Taylor, John Network Administrator Technician Integrated Technology Services Randolph 3 7428
Thomas, Joe Director of Campus Security Campus Security Umpqua Hall 1623
Thompson, Nathan Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Administrator Integrated Technology Services Randolph 1 1646
Thompson, Rob Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance 7250
Thurman, Bryan Welding Instructor Welding Fairview 1 7482
Torres, Randy Executive Director OCCI OCCI 1546
Tremonti, Joseph Digital Design Associate Professor Digital Design Curry Campus 541.813.1680
Truka, Brian Mathematics Instructor Mathematics Tioga 316A 1502
       V    ^Top    
Villers, Suzan  Library Technician-Circulation Library Tioga 200 7429
       W    ^Top    
Walker, Susan Director of Nursing & Allied Health Nursing Sumner 5 7298
Warren, Shawn Coordinator of Operations OCCI OCCI 7309
Wassman, Jemiah Admissions/Recruitment Coordinator Enrollment Management Dellwood 6 1595
Weber, Heather Recreation Center Technician Rec Center Rec Center  
Wheeler, Aaron Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid Dellwood 7324
White, Josh Women's Wrestling Coach Athletics Rec Center 1632
Whitey, Jeff Vice President of Administrative Services Administrative Services Tioga 511 7402
Whitey, Tracy Switchboard Switchboard Dellwood 24 2525
Whitlatch, Adam Assistant Professor, Health/PE & Wrestling Coach Athletics Rec Center 7228
Whitley, Lynne Catering Director Dining Services Catering Empire Cafe 110 7189
Whitson, Karen Talent Search Specialist Talent Search Randolph 8  7223
Wick, Pam Instructor, Nursing Nursing Sumner 6 1515
Will, Gary Criminal Justice Instructor Criminal Justice Lampa 13 1571
Williams, Brad Men's Soccer Coach Athletics Prosper 206 7801
Willson, Joe Security Officer Campus Security Umpqua Hall 7399
Wilson, Mark Professor, English Writing Lampa 10 7498
Winston, Michael Writing Instructor Writing Sitkum 2F  7254
Wirth, Julee Payroll Clerk Human Resources Tioga 504 7204
Woodworth, Tina Administrative Assistant Athletics Prosper 202 West 7452
Wozniak, Marta Assistant Professor,  English Curry Campus Curry 541.813.1670
Wren, Amanda Educare Teaching Assistant Family Center Family Center 110 7209
Wyman, Jed Visiting Writing Instructor Writing Empire 217 7337
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