Proctor Information

Proctor: Cindy Henry
Proctor’s title: Testing & Advising Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 541.888.7371

Proctor Site
Southwestern Oregon University Center
Stensland Hall, room 111
1988 Newmark Ave.
Coos Bay, OR 97420

Summer Testing Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
*special accommodations for later times may be made in advance, if necessary. Please contact [email protected].edu


  • Students request to their respective university to have the University Center as their proctor site. The university will then send the test information to the University Center. Every university has their own process for setting up a proctor site and the respective university’s protocol must be followed. Please allow time for this process.
  • The University Center accommodates mainly electronic tests. Southwestern's Testing Center has more room to accommodate paper based testing ( Our computers host Respondus LockDown Browser for numerous institutions, which is routinely updated.
  • The University Center may need to be approved as a proctor site if the respective university has never partnered with the Center before. Contact the testing services at the respective university if you have any questions regarding this. 
  • Testing is FREE at the University Center.
  • If accommodations are needed, please contact the respective university as well as communicate your specific accommodations  with the University Center prior to scheduling the exam.
  • Students should schedule a time to take their tests during regular University Center business hours, keeping in mind the time limit for the exam (often 1-2 hrs. but sometimes longer).
  • Please schedule tests at least one week in advance when possible. Midterms & finals week can fill up quickly.
  • Provide the following information when scheduling: university, course name & number, instructor’s name, exam dates and student’s contact information. 
  • Bring a current picture i.d.
  • Only material allowed (scratch paper, notes, calculator, etc.) may enter the testing room (i.e. no cellphones, tablets, laptops, purses, backpacks, etc. are allowed in the testing room, unless proctor instructions state otherwise).
  • Please call if you are running late, as there may be multiple tests scheduled throughout the day.

Oregon State Ecampus (OSU)
To set up a proctor via Ecampus, login to your ONID account and complete the “exams and proctoring form.” The student will receive a confirmation email via their ONID once the exam is sent to the proctor. *Note that both Southwestern Oregon Community College and Southwestern Oregon University Center are approved proctor sites. Make sure to select the UC as your proctor choice.

For more information on proctoring via OSU Ecampus, click here.

Eastern Oregon University (EOU)
The UC in an approved testing site/regional center for EOU, therefore, unless your professor specifically requests so, no additional form is needed to take a test in the UC. Please do contact the University Center and let us know that you will need our services during the term.

For more information on proctoring via EOU Testing Services, click here.

Southern Oregon University (SOU)

At SOU, the student communicates directly with their instructor in regards to where they will be proctoring tests. The UC then receives exam information via email from the instructor.

For more information on proctoring via SOU, click here.