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Do you like to care for others, solve problems, work in a team, help people improve their lives? If you feel a call to help others, the Health & Public Safety pathway is for you. SWOCC has robust health and medical programs that serve the needs of our community – Nursing, Dental, and Paramedic to name a few. You can also serve your community through our Fire Science or Criminal Justice programs. Strong leaders are encouraged to apply.


Tony Peters

Associate Professor of Fire Science

"A career in public safety lets you serve your community, which is a great way to give back to and take care of your neighbors, friends, and family."

Fire Science Associate Professor, Tony Peters began his fire service career in 2006 with the United States Air Force. He gained valuable experience as a structural and aircraft firefighter, quickly rising through the ranks and earning recognition through multiple quarterly and annual awards. In addition to firefighting duties, Mr. Peters was also responsible for fire department readiness and extinguisher maintenance. His qualifications earned him a selection to teach at the Department of Defense Fire Academy, where he specialized in fireground operations and fire prevention. His quality work at the fire academy earned him the title Fire Instructor of the Year in 2013. His military service included one deployment to Iraq.

Prior to coming to Southwestern, Mr. Peters was employed with Fire Protection Publications at Oklahoma State University as a Senior Editor and Technical Expert where he worked on multiple firefighter training manuals. He remains active with the International Fire Service Training Association.

Mr. Peters holds degrees in Fire Science (AAS), Instructor of Technology and Military Science (AAS), Management (BA), and Organizational Leadership (MS).