Explore Arts & Humanities

Do you enjoy literature, art, music, philosophy, ideas?   Are you interested in visual and performing arts?  Is communication important to you?  The Arts and Humanities pathway prepares you to be a well-rounded student while you study to transfer to a university. Explore options in the arts and humanities while feeding your creative side.

Instructor Highlight: Mark Wilson

"Most programs teach knowledge; the arts and humanities teach wisdom."

Mark Wilson is a graduate of Northwest Nazarene University and has a masters degree in English from Washington State University. He grew up in Myrtle Point, Oregon and has taught literature and writing at Southwestern since 1995. Every other year he has the pleasure of teaching a class on J. R. R. Tolkien.

Mark is utterly convinced that the stories we tell change the world. He says, "Stories help us discover the truth of human experience and our shared humanity. Literature helps us know we are not alone. Humanities give us the wisdom of knowing what it means to be human. Through the arts we are challenged to create, preserve, and treasure what is beautiful, good, and precious. The stories we tell create our culture — the shared world in which we live. Writing classes help us learn how to tell our own story — how we see and understand the world. In literature classes we learn the stories from many cultures and times and therefore learn to see the world in new ways. Stories matter."