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Are you great at remembering fine details and solving difficult problems? A career in nursing could be right for you! Our Nursing (AAS) degree will train you for a position as a Registered Nurse, the largest occupation in healthcare! You will learn the skills necessary to manage the physical and emotional care of patients through relationship-centered care. You’ll experience many healthcare settings from hospitals, to home health care, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to demonstrate leadership in the field and sit for the national licensure examination. Making a positive, long-lasting impact on the lives of others is what nursing is all about!

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Contact Jade Stalcup at [email protected] for further application requirements or click here for forms and information. The Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree prepares graduates to become licensed as a Registered Nurse. Successful completion of six quarters qualifies students for meeting the academic requirements to take the NCLEX exam for licensure in the state of Oregon. The license is transferable across the nation. Once admitted, the student is required to take all curriculum courses as they appear in the catalog or before. This is a restricted entry program, and students must submit a separate application along with their college admission application.

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