We can host testing for other universities

Our testing center is located in Stensland Hall and provides a comfortable place where students can take tests scheduled by instructors. We also make arrangements for proctored exams for online classes. Contact the testing center at (541) 888-7405.


Pearson Vue testing is an important service we offer our community. Our first and foremost concern for our students are their health and safety. The following guidelines need to be followed:

  • All test takers who are feeling unwell will be asked to stay home.

  • Testers will fill out an intake form and have their temperature taken.

  • Days and times of testing will be restricted to evening hours after close of normal business.

  • The number of available seats for testing will be reduced. Currently we are approved for 8 testing seats we will cut that number to 5.

  • Social distancing protocols will be put in place to keep testers 6 feet apart during check in process.

  • Testers will be asked to wash their hands before check in and will sanitize their hand before entering the testing room.  Testing stations will be wiped down after each use with disinfecting wipes.

  • Testers will be asked to leave all items, except for their legal ID, at home or in their vehicle.

  • Only individuals taking test will be allowed into the testing center, family members or other supporters will not be allowed inside.

  • Proctors will wear face mask and gloves.

Thank you for following these guidelines!