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Southwestern Oregon Community College Student painting in an art classSouthwestern Oregon Community College is committed to meeting ADA requirements and making our website accessible to all visitors. In an effort to meet this goal, SWOCC continually works to implement better accessibility standards on all SWOCC web pages.

To make our web pages more accessible, content is checked for ADA accessibility issues before publishing. For information about WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) Accessibility standards see W3.org WCAG information.

Viewing pages in high-contrast mode

Some web browsers may ignore your Windows settings and display the page as it was originally created unless you do the following:

  1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, select Internet Options and then select Accessibility.
  2. Check Ignore Colors Specified On Web PagesIgnore Font Styles Specified On Web Pages, and Ignore Font Sizes Specified On Web Pages, and then click OK

For information about viewing pages in high-contrast mode using other Web browsers, consult the Help for your browser.

Alt tags

Images used on web pages should contain "alt tags", which provide a text description of the image for use with screen readers or other assistive technologies. In cases where an alt tag would provide no information or would be redundant with bordering text, alt tags may be excluded.

If you have questions or suggestions please visit our Accessible Education page.

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