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Forrest Akers
Assistant Director of International Recruitment, Admissions & Services
Office: Dellwood Hall, Room 7
Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm
(Closed on Fridays during summer)
Phone: 541-888-7185

International Students
Welcome To The Home Of The Lakers!

Southwestern Oregon Community College welcomes you as international students and invites you to become an active member of our friendly and exciting campus community in Coos Bay, Oregon. Southwestern is a small, forward-thinking two-year college located on the famous Oregon Coast. At Southwestern, you will experience small class sizes and hands-on learning experiences in a safe and supportive environment in which all local and international students are welcome and appreciated. In addition, we offer affordable academic programs in over 50 subjects, lakefront on-campus housing and great instructors and staff that will give you the personal attention you need to be successful in the American college system.

Please contact us by Email, or +1-541-888-7185, if you have any questions or would like additional information.

If you are ready to join us now, please begin by completing our free International Students Application.


Forrest Akers
Assistant Director of International Recruitment, Admissions & Services
Office: Dellwood Hall, Room 7
Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm
(Closed on Fridays during summer)
Phone: 541-888-7185

“Coming to Southwestern was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Everyone was kind and thoughtful. They made me feel at home.”

Liam - British Columbia

“He estado estudiando en Southwestern Oregon Community College desde hace ya un tiempo y debo decir que ha sido una experiencia bastante agradable. Algunos puntos que podría recalcar son que es un college pequeño a comparación con otros, lo que lo hace más acogedor, como una pequeña familia. La atención que brindan es más personalizada, las clases son de grupos pequeños por lo tanto hay mayor comunicación con los profesores que hasta saben los nombres de casi todos sus alumnos. En lo personal me gusta estar en contacto con la naturaleza y puedo asegurar que este lugar es increíble con respecto a eso, estamos rodeados de árboles, un pequeño lago y a veces cuando camino a mis clases encuentro venados por los jardines del campus.”

Ximena - Peru

“I came to SWOCC to play basketball and study Criminal Justice, yet I have come out of my first year with more than only those two things. SWOCC gave me the chance to learn from wonderful professors, play basketball, and also live in a beautiful place.

On the academic end of it, SWOCC let me be interactive in all my classes with small class sizes and a large variety of people from different steps in life. On the athletic end of it, they have wonderful sports facilities with a very prideful program.

SWOCC also gave me the chance to live and experience the beautiful west coast. The lake on campus, vast beaches, and endless hikes add something special to your experience.”

Reagan - Canada

“I had a very fulfilling life at Southwestern! I felt close to my instructors and was always able to ask them questions. It was easy to make friends so I was able to improve my English and learn about American culture.”

Nana - Japan

“Simply put, I cannot imagine a better study abroad program than what SWOCC offers. From the day that I arrived from Tokyo, it has been stimulating living in Oregon and the experience of studying in Coos Bay allowed me to grow as an individual and discover my own talents.

On campus, the smaller class size helped me actively participate in class discussions. Professors were very friendly and engaging and I have been able to maintain great relationships with them. I got to interact and spend quality time with interesting people every single day. The community that SWOCC is in is quite wonderful as well. I had the privilege of getting involved in musical theater and the experience was just invaluable. They were very accepting and caring and always pushed me to achieve more.

I can’t fail to mention the beautiful Northwest weather too, which has brought me mental and physical comfort. I now have a much broader curiosity, a desire to keep myself educated, and no fear of accepting new challenges.”

Jumpei - Japan

“Everyone has been so welcoming, kind and helpful. It’s been amazing!”

Lucius - South Africa

“SWOCC has given me friends for life and connections all over the world. The system here at SWOCC is so encouraging and supportive. The faculty have been so helpful throughout my time at SWOCC. There are people to help assist you in every aspect such as graduating and credit requirements, tutoring, finances and more.

Housing is a big reason why I love SWOCC. Unlike a lot of other colleges, SWOCC offers an on campus apartment style accommodation. It gave me a feel for independent living. The spacious apartment styled dorms are so comforting and allowed me to have privacy at the same time as living with my friends.

My favorite place at SWOCC is the soccer field. It is my safe space. The full sized turf is in amazing condition which makes playing the sport I love even more enjoyable. My coach works so hard to make me the best I can be. They have promoted me and opened up so many gateways for me so I have plenty of options for deciding where I want to transfer. Being on this field brings back so many fun memories. My teammates are from all over the country. It is cool as everyone has a different style when playing. It is rewarding when we come together and do great things on the field. I am so happy I chose SWOCC. As far away as I am from Ireland, I have felt at home here.”

Niamhie - Ireland


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