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Started at the Curry Campus . . . headed to a master’s degree in social work

Anne Matthews Curry Campus, News

Anna Waycott credits anthropology and sociology instructor Skip Hunter for inspiring her to pursue a career in social work. She worked, and volunteered, in the field while she attended Southwestern, and even challenged herself by teaching elementary school in Tanzania, Africa.

Why pursue social work? Anna enjoys trying to figure out what makes people “tick”: what determines whether people are friendly or selfish? Why do some people turn to drugs or crime? Anna’s goal is not only to find these answers, but to be there for people who are experiencing life in challenging ways. Through her own personal journey of dealing with struggles and loss, Anna realized she has the capability and willingness to help others. 

Earning her Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree in 2013 at Southwestern opened doors and prepared her to go on to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Science from Oregon State University. Anna’s academic goal is to pursue a Master’s of Social Work degree at Boise State University, and ultimately become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Summing up her experience at Southwestern, Anna says “SWOCC was such a supportive environment. Whether you’re getting a transfer degree, want to pursue nursing, or something else in particular, or you just want to take classes for personal enjoyment, the staff and instructors will root for you without a doubt. Even if you’re not sure where you’re going or what your career options are, taking classes at the Curry Campus is an absolute step in the right direction. SWOCC is a place where you can be creative, learn new things, and work toward your goals!”