Val Cowan joins the Curry staff with 10 years of experience advising high school students for college and career through the ASPIRE program, and as a TRIO specialist. She acquired her Associate of Arts degree at Southwestern in 1987. Marriage and children took precedent for some time but then she went back to school in 2006 to gain a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Eastern Oregon University. Recently she closed the gap with a Master of Education degree from Western Oregon University. Once all the children were raised, the transition from pushing her own high schoolers toward higher education to encouraging Curry students from the advisors office was a natural next step.

“I love learning and I love the woods. Here I have both. When my eyes get tired of the computer screen, I can look out into the forest. The Curry Campus is a jewel,” said Val.

Val has been in the Brookings community for 35 years and cares deeply for the people of Curry County and their success through education. She enjoys working with the long-time staff and the new dean, as well as all the great faculty.


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