Forestry & Natural Resources

Southwestern Oregon Community College has just approved a new Associate of Science (AS) degree in Forestry, to begin Fall Term 2014. The College is in the process of finalizing an articulation agreement with Oregon State University (OSU). This means that students who complete Southwestern’s AS degree in Forestry, will then be able to transfer as a full junior into the Bachelor of Science (BS) Forestry program at OSU. The AS degree will also provide students with employable skills. This will enable them to get summer, seasonal, and even permanent positions, with local forestry companies and agencies. Skills covered in the AS degree in Forestry will include plant and tree identification, surveying, GIS, photogrammetry and remote sensing, recreation management, soil science, basic tree measurements and forest sampling techniques.

The program is designed to be a transfer program with OSU to obtain a BS in Forestry, but will also provide seven hands-on forestry courses. The goal is to add a one-year certificate to this program that will focus on the main forestry and related science courses to prepare students who want to gain employment in the field without going on to obtain a Bachelors degree. Students interested in the program should contact the College and start taking courses in the spring term that will count toward their AS degree!

Forestry at SWOCC

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