Annual SWOCC Foundation Scholarships

The Southwestern Foundation automatically considers all students who apply for scholarships. Our scholarship application season runs January 1 through March 1.

Each year, the Foundation offers more than 100 scholarships for students attending or planning to attend Southwestern. What are the steps to take to apply for scholarships?

1. Apply for Admission to SWOCC.

2. Consider completing your FAFSA. Although this is not required to apply for SWOCC Foundation scholarships, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Completing this information will help ensure you qualify for as many scholarships as possible. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid application opens Oct. 1 every year. This is required to be considered for federal and state aid in Oregon.

3. Apply for our scholarships between January 1 and March 1. Check back on this page at that time for specific directions.

Scholarship Timeline

Ongoing Southwestern Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships and associated applications listed below fall outside the annual Foundation Scholarship application process:

  • They are available for students to apply for all throughout the year.
  • Prior to applying, we recommend speaking with a Southwestern advisor, faculty or staff member to ensure you qualify.
  • Please contact the Southwestern Foundation with any questions (see below for contact information).

Questions? Contact Us!

EMAIL   |  CALL: 541.888.7209   |  VISIT: SWOCC Coos Campus, Foundation Office - Tioga Hall, Room 503

Carlee Nielsen

Linda Kallgren Nursing Scholarship Recipient

Elise Ryan

Smullen Scholarship Recipient

Cameron Lucero

Oregon Lottery Scholarship Recipient

Darcie Gutierrez

Bezzerides Scholarship Recipient

Boyd Bjorkquist

2014 Distinguished Alumnus-

Scholarships are vital to ensuring people can go to college and improve their future.