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Southwestern's Physics Department provides fundamental sequences in algebra-based and calculus-based physics for students interested in pursuing physics, other science and STEM careers, or looking for foundational lab science courses for transfer degrees.

Our primary physics courses are two full year sequences serving students seeking different degree paths:

  • PH 201-203: A full year sequences in algebra-based physics. PH 201 covers classical Newtonian mechanics: kinematics, forces, energy, momentum, and rotation. PH 202 covers topics in fluid mechanics, waves, thermodynamics, and optics. PH 203 focuses primarily on electricity and magnetism. The algebra-based courses are frequently taken by students in forestry, natural resources, allied health, chemistry, geology, and business.
  • PH 211-213: A full year sequences in calculus-based physics. PH 211 covers classical Newtonian mechanics: kinematics, forces, energy, momentum, and rotation similar to PH 201 but with more emphasis on the mathematical foundations. PH 212 covers topics in fluid mechanics, waves, and thermodynamics.  PH 213 provides a calculus-intensive treatment of electricity and magnetism and their associated applications.. The calculus-based sequence is a key transfer requirement for physics students and those in computer science and most engineering disciplines.

In addition to our coursework, we provide students the opportunity to pursue undergraduate research through our participation with the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium. We provide our students a chance to explore their own sense of innovation through our participation in the Invent Oregon (InventOR) program

For our local community as well as our students, the physics department has participated in a number of community events and collaborations. We are developing a Physics and Astronomy Lecture Series to bring cutting edge research results and engaging scientist speakers to our community supporters of all ages. We plan to host one Physics and Astronomy guest lecture per term.

Physics and Engineering Events

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Physics and Astronomy Lecture Series
From Oregon to Orbit: Inside Oregon's First Satellite
Andrew Greenberg, Portland State University
Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 7:00pm


South Coast Innovation Challenge
Applications open now. Local Semifinals April, 2019

Applications due December 10, 2018

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Physics Instructor
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