Coos Bay, OR – The Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation is proud to congratulate their 2020-21 scholarship recipients. Thanks to generous donors, the organization awarded 107 scholarships totaling more than $160,000 for students attending Southwestern for the upcoming academic year.

“Our students need scholarships more than ever during this challenging year and we owe a huge thanks to our donors for providing them,” said Elise Hamner, Southwestern Foundation Executive Director. “These awards do so much more than just help financially. Students tell us all the time how receiving a scholarship inspires them to achieve their goals and give back to our local community.”

The Southwestern Foundation was established as a scholarship organization in 1962, the year after the college started. Since then, thousands of students have attended the college using Foundation scholarships. Donors who contribute to these scholarships allow students to focus on achieving a college education and high-skill technical training they might not otherwise have the ability to pursue.

In addition to Foundation scholarships, the college reminds families that any 2020 high school graduate with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.75 or higher is potentially eligible for a free two-year tuition waiver worth nearly $9,000 to attend Southwestern. This past year, 31 students from high schools in our college district took advantage of this opportunity. In total, they saved their families $134,000 in tuition costs.

If you are interested in donating to Southwestern Foundation scholarships visit www.socc.edu/foundation/give/ or call 541-888-7209 for additional information.

Southwestern Foundation 2020-21 Scholarship Recipients:

Alexander Ewing Scholarship: Alyssa Hutchings

Andy Toribio Scholarship: Uriel Barrios-Gonzales

Ann Lansing Scholarship: Abbi Myers

Art and Toni Poole Scholarship: Danny Hawthorne, Kara Klietz

Barbara Dodrill Scholarship: Carissa Pefley

Barbara Emily Knudson Scholarship: Stephanie Higgins

Baughman Memorial Apprenticeship Scholarship: Victoria Wallace

Bay Area Sportsman’s Association (BASA) Scholarship: Quinn Allen

Bechtold-Laird Health Care Scholarship: Jake Gerhardt, Sky Solis

Bezzerides Scholarship: Jessica Ambler

Bi-Mart Scholarship: Nathan James

Caddy McKeown Scholarship: Nicholas Turner

Coos Bay Vision Center Scholarship: Imogen Snively

Coos Bay-North Bend Rotary Scholarship: Emily Treskey

Coquille Indian Tribe Scholarship: Miles Wheeler

Dean Muffett Memorial Scholarship: Joshua Olson

DeArmond CTE Scholarship: Emma Bouchat, Taryn Hunt, Skylar Lucas, Lawrence Winowiecki

Dennis and Janet Beetham Family Scholarship: Zachary Warner

Dorothy Heagy Education Scholarship: Chelsea Hendrickson

Ernest L. Frye-Keizer Memorial Scholarship: Caitlin McCullough

Estella Morgan Memorial: Amelia Harvey

Flaxel Family Scholarship: Trenton McGahan

Floyd Ingram Scholarship: Amy Annaloro, Dominque Madison

Hales Family Scholarship: Kayleana Green, Benjamin Hallmark, Logan Jones, Cayanne McKinley, Kristine Reasor

Hedian Swanson Nursing Scholarship: Jaden Justice, Mandy McCaffree

Henry F. and Elva H. Hansen Memorial Scholarship: Mikaela Bjorn

Jack & Margaret S. Dean Scholarship: Hollie Jurkowski

James Reed VanDuzer IV Scholarship: Sean Esperance

John W. Burles Memorial Scholarship: Erica Londagin

Keiser Scholarship for Culinary Excellence: Catherine Brown, Kaitlyn McElroy, Shane Wilder, Jason Wilhite

Kyle Trust Scholarship: Jason Fadely

Laker Legacy Alumni Scholarship: Joseph Greer

Leonard C. Farr Community Service Scholarship: Jasmine Herrera

Linda L. Kallgren Nursing Scholarship: DeAnne Cole

Lisa G. Wampole Memorial Scholarship in Criminal Justice: Aracely Santiago Hernandez

Martin and Suzy Callery Scholarship: Ashlee Imhoff

Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship: Jalen Haener

May Virginia Smith VanDuzer Scholarship: Julie Smith

Maybelle M. Olson Scholarship: Rylie Houck

Menasha Legacy Fund Scholarship: Jesus Castillo, Amelia Harvey, Evan Johnson, James Lucero, Cooper Lynn, Helen Respi

Metzger Family Culinary Scholarship: Isaiah Speroni

Metzger Family Nursing Scholarship: Kaila Tripp

Mike Groben Scholarship: Jonel Martinez

Monica Schreiber “Gramma Mo” Scholarship: Maritza Millan-Figueroa

Nature’s Coastal Holiday Ambassador Scholarship: Jason Liddell, Karen Schaefer, April Talbot

Nolan Science and Engineering Scholarship: Bethany Beer

Pacific Orchid Society Scholarship: Kelli Long

Patricia Benetti Memorial Scholarship: Phillip Brazille

Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Scholarship: Kathleen Forrester, Austin Fox

Presbyterian Church of Coos Bay Memorial Scholarship: Eden Chereek, Kaitlyn McElroy

Pringle Scholarship for Curry Student: Sarah Cameron

Randy Carpenter Memorial Foundation Scholarship: Jeremy Potter

Richard and Mary Bateman Scholarship: Mercedes Allen

Roderick H. Morris Scholarship: Jason Wilhite

Sharon Barnett Scholarship: Ashley Watkins

Sheryl Rosenbaum Memorial Scholarship: Jessica Hennick

Shirley Barton Nursing Scholarship: Vera Bernhardt

Sickels Family Rural College Technology Scholarship: Breno Coutinho

Slaney Family Human Services Scholarship: Darrell Donhoff

Slaney Family Scholarship: Shayonna Tripp

Southwestern Foundation Culinary General Scholarship: Sasha Arzner, Owen Baty, Thomas Rogers

Southwestern Foundation General Scholarship: Alyssa Neves, Bethany Rowe

Southwestern Foundation – Curry Campus General Scholarship: Adriann Bracken, Natasha Holmes, Caren Vastine

Southwestern Foundation – Early Bird Scholarship: Dannielle Acosta

Stephens Family Scholarship: Jordan Houck

Student of the Year Scholarship: Jaime Flores-Garcia

SWOCC Classified Scholarship: Kaitlyn Garrett

Ted Ellingson Forestry Scholarship: Quinn Allen

TymByr Culinary Scholarship: Hannah Miner, Brianna Raterman

Uncorking Opportunity! Al Peirce Co. Scholarship: Jesus Castillo

Uncorking Opportunity! Child Care Scholarship: Karli Kinney, Crystal Parry, Oaren Wraye

Uncorking Opportunity! The Mill Casino Scholarship: Maria Carreno

Vernon Brecke Rainbow Bridge Memorial Scholarship: Kaitlyn Heitman

William Lansing Scholarship: Joshua Olson

Woolridge Myrtle Point Scholarship: Kaleen Skinner

Yellow Cab Taxi Scholarship: Micah Tardie




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