The Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation is proud to congratulate their 2021-22 scholarship recipients. Thanks to generous donors, the organization awarded 176 scholarships totaling more than $264,000 for students attending Southwestern for the upcoming academic year.

“This support is incredibly helpful for our college and students. We are awarding more scholarships this year than ever before, at a time our students are trying to get their lives back on track,” said Elise Hamner, Southwestern Foundation Executive Director. “Scholarships help erase worry, so these students can focus on achieving goals and training for careers. I can’t say enough how much we appreciate donors who are there for students year after year. When Southwestern’s students succeed, it’s a win for students and our local communities.”

Guided by a board of community volunteers, the Southwestern Foundation organized as a nonprofit organization in 1962, the year after the college started. Since then, thousands of students have attended the college using Foundation scholarships. These awards inspire students to achieve their goals and give back to our community.

In addition to Foundation scholarships, the college reminds families that any 2021 high school graduate with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.75 or higher is potentially eligible for a free two-year tuition waiver worth more than $9,100 to attend Southwestern. Program-specific tuition waivers may also be available. This past year, 28students from the ten high schools in the college district took advantage of the GPA award opportunity. In total, they saved their families $124,740 in tuition costs.

If you are interested in donating to Southwestern Foundation scholarships visit www.socc.edu/give or call 541-888-7211 for additional information.

Southwestern Foundation 2021-22 Scholarship Recipients*:

*Note: Some scholarship recipients request their award not be listed publicly. The Foundation respects their privacy by not including them on this list.

Andy Toribio Scholarship: Maci Flaherty

Ann Lansing Scholarship: Shanna Cannon

Art and Toni Poole Scholarship: Therese Holm, Koby Sewall

Barbara Dodrill Scholarship: Cynthia Devouassoux, Jennifer Dietz, Kayla Johnson

Barbara Emily Knudson Scholarship: Stephanie Higgins

Baughman Memorial Apprenticeship Scholarship: Brogan Markel

Bay Area Sportsman’s Association (BASA) Scholarship: Jacob Dukovich

Bechtold-Laird Health Care Scholarship: Amy Annaloro, Daryna Semenchuk, Mariia Semenchuk

Bezzerides Scholarship: Edgar Romero

Boynton English Scholarship: Jason Liddell

Christine Moffitt Science Scholarship: Kyle Burton, Jesus Castillo, Katherine Davis, Zachary Dickinson, Evelyn Ethington

Clyde and Jackie Cherry Memorial Scholarship: Juan Caballero, Natasha Holmes

Coos Bay Vision Center Scholarship: Sara Torkelson

Coos Bay-North Bend Rotary Scholarship: Kristin Mayer

Coos County Realtor Scholarship: Trevor Monk

Coquille Indian Tribe Scholarship: Allison Meyer

Dean and Jane Muffett Memorial Scholarship: Conor Heckard, Savannah McHugill

DeArmond CTE Scholarship: Emma Bouchat, Katherine Duncan, Sabastian Foucher, Jeremy Potter

Dennis and Janet Beetham Family Scholarship: Garrett Baird, Ethan Carpenter, Lloyd Crawford, Aidan Lilienthal, Damian Lilienthal, Andrew Okamoto, Terren Piburn, Carmen Samuels, Zachary Warner, Jordan Wilson

Dorothy Heagy Education Scholarship: Linda Robbins

Ernest L. Frye-Keizer Memorial Scholarship: Jasmine Herrera

Estella Morgan Memorial Scholarship: Khristina Fulkerson

Flaxel Family Scholarship: Kiya Weatherly

Floyd Ingram Scholarship: Hunter Betzinger, Jessica Collins, Luzmar Giraldo Torrealba, Bryan Osorio, Lindsey                Putman

Forty & Eight Bobby L. Fraser Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Adolfo Rodriguez

Hales Family Scholarship: Alana Bridges, Jace Haagen, Bethany Rowe, Maya Salazar, Shayonna Tripp

Hedian Swanson Nursing Scholarship to Promote Respect for Cultural Diversity in Health Care: Sean Esperance, Mandy McCaffree

Henry F. and Elva H. Hansen Memorial Scholarship: Ellis Barnts

ILWU Local 12 Scholarship: Kaitlyn Dubisar

Jack & Margaret S. Dean Scholarship: Weston Jennings, Nicholas Turner

James and Hope Sessums Scholarship: Connor Spanos

James Reed VanDuzer IV Scholarship: Andrew Evans

John W. Burles Memorial Scholarship: Camryn Guzman, Rhylee Sinks

Keiser Scholarship for Culinary Excellence: Max Myrick, Mitchell Woodbury

Kirk Jones Scholarship: Everett Chandler

Kyle Trust Scholarship: Carly White

Laker Legacy Alumni Scholarship: Brooke Aldrich

Leonard C. Farr Community Service Scholarship: Ashley Watkins

Linda L. Kallgren Nursing Scholarship: Jake Gerhardt

Lisa G. Wampole Memorial Scholarship in Criminal Justice: Cynthia Devouassoux

Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship: Jalen Haener, Gabrielle Smit

Mary, Kate and Cap Sharples Scholarship: Trisha Dreyer

Maxine Smith Scholarship: Moriah Koch

May Virginia Smith VanDuzer Scholarship: Rebecca Healy

Maybelle M. Olson Scholarship: Kristin Kirchgesler, Joslyn Soinila

Menasha Legacy Fund Scholarship: Taylor Beeks, Khristina Fulkerson, Aria Mays, Kaliakeanukoaki McCabe, Jacob Mitchell, Kelsey Seabourn

Metzger Family Culinary Scholarship: Isaiah Speroni

Mike Groben Scholarship: Bridger Holmes, Jonel Martinez

Nancy Douglas Memorial Scholarship: Trisha Dreyer

New Beginnings for Tribal Students Scholarship: Marcus Lemos, Philip Metz, Emma Yazzie, Kalieyah Boyd, Sonia Haro, Cheyenne Mitchell

Norma Kyle Cain Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Drew Diefenbaugh, LaShawn Rodriguez

Opportunity Links! Chambers Construction Scholarship: Jett Nelson

Opportunity Links! Johnson Controls Scholarship: Shjon Petersen

Opportunity Links! West Coast Contractors Scholarship: Kayla Wyatt

Pacific Orchid Society Scholarship: Jesus Castillo

Patricia Benetti Memorial Scholarship: Elena Smith

Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Scholarship: Eden Chereek, Kathleen Forrester, Mandy McCaffree

Presbyterian Church of Coos Bay Memorial Scholarship: Beth Castro, Julia Graves, Natalie Moss, Andrea Pedrini

Pringle Scholarship for Curry Student: Amy Vick

Randy Carpenter Memorial Foundation Scholarship: Tyler Easter

Roderick H. Morris Scholarship: Mitchell Woodbury

Sandra Martinez & Carrie Kralicek Selfless Act Nursing Scholarship: Erica Londagin

Sharon Barnett Scholarship: Kijana Gantenbein

Sheryl Rosenbaum Memorial Scholarship: Chrysalis Davis

Shirley Barton Nursing Scholarship: Kayla Wyatt

Sickels Family Rural College Technology Scholarship: Yazan Al Jaouni, Kasey Saadat

Slaney Family Human Services Scholarship: Gabrielle Smit

Slaney Family Scholarship: Skylar Lucas

Southwestern Foundation Culinary General Scholarship: Rachel Berry, Azurdee Clark, Grace Doney, Lindsay                Duckett, Kaleb Hoffman, Christa Jolley, Brandon Partosan, Taylor Ramsey, Morgan Steele

Southwestern Foundation General Scholarship: Kimberly Abarca Pacheco, Abel Ailon-Cinto, Sasha Arzner, Averi Carroll, Keziah Cochran, Mackenzie Dimond, Jacob Dukovich, Jesse Flannery, Joseph Greer, Brody Harnden, Benjamin Hernandez-Cobian, Katie Horn, Noah Kegley, Moriah Koch, Rainey Lambert, Rylee Nelson, Jenifer Risenhoover, Landon Rodriguez, Karina Rosales-Osorio, Jullianna Saint Hilaire, Jacob Thompson, Logan Todd, Jamie Tomlinson, Brandon Usry, Amy Vick

Southwestern Foundation – Curry Campus General Scholarship:  Averi Carroll, Shanon Cowan, Juan Ruiz-Medina, Fabian Zamora Forno

Southwestern Foundation – Early Bird Scholarship: Natalie Osborne

Stephens Family Scholarship: Lydia Evans

Student of the Year Scholarship: Stephanie Sell

SWOCC Classified Scholarship: Dylan Boice

TymByr Culinary Scholarship: Zoey Nelson, Pierce Simmerman

Vernon Brecke Rainbow Bridge Memorial Scholarship: Dylan Boice

Vernon C. and Jean G. Sorenson Scholarship: Paige Hinkel

William Lansing Scholarship: Kara Klietz, Kameron Stading

Woolridge Myrtle Point Scholarship: Heavenlee Reynolds

Yellow Cab Taxi Scholarship: Drew Wilson



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