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Patty M. Scott Ed.D.


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Southwestern is committed to connecting people locally and globally

Dear Southwestern Community,

It is not an easy time to read the news. Most of us have seen the faces of our overseas Ukrainian neighbors, fleeing war with their children and pets. It is painful watching as refugees leave family behind who refuse to leave their homes.

Some of our faculty, staff and students are impacted indirectly by these events. Please know our college is supportive with good systems to help individuals who may be struggling with grief or need someone to talk to. For faculty and staff, you can use our Employee Assistance Program. Also, students in need of support can check in with our counselors in the Student Success Center in Stensland Hall.

It is important to pay attention to what happens globally, and where our College fits into the world. Southwestern has a long history of building relationships and promoting peace.

In October, we dedicated the planting of a Peace Tree on our Coos Campus. Our tree exists to educate people about the consequences of nuclear war. It grew from the seed of a tree that survived the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, 76 years ago, and serves as a symbol of peace, hope and reconciliation for people throughout the world.

I’m not sure last October that our gathering of international students, faculty, staff and community visitors fully imagined the relevance of such effort in preventing war and lessening the threat of nuclear weapons.

Southwestern has been involved in bringing people together from around the world for decades and this effort will continue. People from other countries have and do teach in our classrooms on both campuses. For many years, the college has maintained an exchange program with Hyejeon College in South Korea. Each year, international students from all over the world come to live and learn on our Coos Campus – in fact a record number today.

These international students and instructors enrich everyone’s experiences in our classrooms. They expose our local students who may not have traveled outside our community or state to new cultures and friendships they might never have developed. In turn, they learn about our community and culture. Together, we all learn to navigate differences and communicate.

When students come to our college, they are hopeful. They hope to improve their lives and connect with others in ways that are meaningful. We help to provide those connections and will continue to do so.

I remain hopeful that a peaceful solution to the conflict with Russia will come soon. In the meantime, please support those who are in need during this stressful time.

Patricia M. Scott, Ed.D.

Our Vision

Southwestern leads and inspires lifelong learning
(Adopted June 26, 2006)

Our Mission

Southwestern fulfills the educational and cultural needs of our diverse communities by providing equitable access to exceptional teaching and learning in a collaborative, engaging, sustainable environment, which supports innovation, lifelong enrichment, and contribution to global society.
(Adopted Dec. 7, 2020)

Guiding Principles

    • Intentional Excellence

Use objective information to guide our decisions and value all people with whom we interact.

    • Lifelong Learning

Cultivate the natural human need for individual growth and intellectual development.

    • Student Centeredness

Focus on helping students achieve their learning goals and supporting opportunities for individual success.

    • Collaborative Innovation

Build a community in the pursuit of new ideas, informed risk-taking, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

(Adopted Dec. 7, 2020)