Southwestern Foundation Congratulates 2022-23 Scholarship Recipients

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Coos Bay, OR – The Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation is proud to congratulate their 2022-23 scholarship recipients. Thanks to generous donors, the organization awarded nearly 190 scholarships totaling more than $275,000 for students attending Southwestern for the upcoming academic year.

“With the rising cost of basic living expenses, these scholarships are often the choice factor for students pursuing their education or not,” said Elise Hamner, Southwestern Foundation Executive Director. “We are so appreciative of donors who see this need and step up for students. Year after year, students tell us a scholarship is more than just a financial impact. Knowing someone believes in you is the inspiration a person needs to push on with career training. When Southwestern’s students succeed, it’s a win for students, families and our communities.”

Guided by a board of community volunteers, the Southwestern Foundation organized as a nonprofit organization in 1962, the year after the college started. Since then, thousands of students have attended the college using Foundation scholarships. These awards inspire students to achieve their goals and give back to our community.

In addition to Foundation scholarships, the college can potentially assist families of current high school graduates with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.75 or higher with a free two-year tuition waiver worth more than $9,450 to attend Southwestern. Program-specific tuition waivers may also be available. This past year, 31 students from the 10 high schools in the college district took advantage of the GPA award opportunity. In total, they saved their families nearly $150,000 in tuition costs. If you are interested in donating to Southwestern Foundation scholarships visit or call 541-888-7211 for additional information.

2022-23 SWOCC Foundation Scholarship Recipients

ACE ScholarshipI-Fang Chen
Andy Toribio ScholarshipJalaika Sali
Ann Lansing ScholarshipXiaoxiao Esty
Ximena Fernandez Skrabonja
Harley Loper
Art and Toni Poole ScholarshipMaci Flaherty
Brooklyn Garrigus
Alexandra Graves
Koby Sewall
Hanalei Warren
Barbara Dodrill ScholarshipNatasha Corbit
Nicole Johnson
Tessa King
Aiyana Sederlin
Barbara Emily Knudson ScholarshipJoshua Vest
Baughman Memorial Apprenticeship ScholarshipAdrianna Thode
Bay Area Sportsman’s Association (BASA) ScholarshipDean Yurica
Bechtold-Laird Health Care ScholarshipAsa Crusoe
Brianna Peters
Parker Stocker
Bezzerides ScholarshipApril Jordan
Candy Cronberger Health ScholarshipMelissa Beavers
Vickie Hartman
Christine Moffitt Science ScholarshipMandy Lawson
Nicole Lehto
Rylee Nelson
Chuck Hanners Memorial ScholarshipJR Scott
Clyde and Jackie Cherry Memorial Scholarship FundNicole Hamby-Freund
Natasha Holmes
Coos Bay Vision Center ScholarshipApril Jordan
Coos Bay-North Bend Rotary ScholarshipZachary Lawrence
Coos County Realtors ScholarshipEric Szenasi
Coquille Indian Tribe ScholarshipRavyn Miranda
CTE Training Program ScholarshipDylan Hankey
Curry Health-Related ScholarshipVickie Hartman
Alexis Pacino
Amy Vick
Dean and Jane Muffett Memorial ScholarshipStephanie Putman
DeArmond CTE ScholarshipChriston Beaird
Alice Collins
Samuel Jennings
Tiffany Mahikoa
Joshua Theis
Aria Woodruff
Dennis and Janet Beetham Family ScholarshipGideon-Abel Cole
Rachel Dick
Borislava Grigorova
Aleczander Hardy
Diannah Hathorn
Dahlia Kanui
Aidan Lilienthal
Damian Lilienthal
Alexandra Mead
Santiago Rafael
Robert Rodriguez
Ian Wakeling
Zachary Warner
Dorothy Heagy Education ScholarshipAurora Parsons
Dorothy Mae Lindstrom Scavera Memorial ScholarshipJordyn Harris
Ernest L. Frye-Keizer Memorial ScholarshipMegan Huckabee
Floyd Ingram ScholarshipJake Bullard
Skylar Lucas
Chiara Mcnerney
Forty & Eight Bobby L. Fraser Memorial Nursing ScholarshipJacqueline Hummel
Hales Family ScholarshipKimberly Abarca Pacheco
Alana Bridges
Christen Coady
Caitlin Gill
Hedian Swanson Nursing Scholarship to Promote Respect for Cultural Diversity in Health CareSean Esperance
Henry F. and Elva H. Hansen Memorial ScholarshipAshlyn Briggs
ILWU Local 12 ScholarshipKaitlyn Dubisar
Jack & Margaret S. Dean ScholarshipAngelica Hunnicutt
Avery Pounder
James Montalbano ScholarshipJohnathan Goddard
Trynly Haack
Karsyn Loper
Peter Perucci
Gaige Pilot
Aria Woodruff
James Reed VanDuzer IV ScholarshipDavid Salleng
John W. Burles Memorial ScholarshipYazan Al Jaouni
Brooklyn Culver
Kaelynn Teagle
Keiser Scholarship for Culinary ExcellenceLaura Martinez
Kyle Trust ScholarshipJessica Hunter
Carly White
Laker Legacy Alumni ScholarshipMolly Tildon
Leonard C. Farr Community Service ScholarshipVanessa Cardoso
Linda Bufton Culinary ScholarshipColtyn Howeth
Linda L. Kallgren Nursing ScholarshipCarly Homenyk
Allison Seeley
Lisa G. Wampole Memorial Scholarship in Criminal JusticeNadia Gracian
Lloyd and Betty Taylor Family ScholarshipPeter Perucci
Martin Luther King Jr. ScholarshipMarshall Dickson
Jmie Lawrence
Mary, Kate and Cap Sharples ScholarshipMandy Lawson
Maxine Smith ScholarshipKala Summers
May Virginia Smith VanDuzer ScholarshipCary Rogers
Maybelle M. Olson ScholarshipAshley Swift
Emily West
Menasha Legacy Fund ScholarshipJesus Castillo
Caitlin Hite
Jacob Mitchell
Ethan Pounder
Timothy Stewart
Lacey Tabor
Aubrey Thorsen
Mike Groben Scholarship Ryan DeVore
Kiley Drummond
Nancy Douglas Memorial ScholarshipCeleste Snively
Pacific Orchid Society ScholarshipHanalei Warren
Patricia Benetti Memorial ScholarshipMichele Ingle
Jordan Nelson
Patricia D. and William B. Smullin ScholarshipDylan Boice
Nathaniel Little
Rosemarie Springer
Presbyterian Church of Coos Bay Memorial ScholarshipJoseph Benavidez
Heather Edwards
Misty Thrash
Pringle Cunningham Scholarship for Curry StudentAnonymous
Randy Carpenter Memorial Foundation ScholarshipJoseph Greer
Roderick H. Morris ScholarshipOlivia Dimmick
Sandra Martinez & Carrie Kralicek Selfless Act Nursing ScholarshipMichael Baker
Sharon Barnett ScholarshipAlison Melo
Sarah Tucker
Sharon Kolkhorst Memorial Nursing ScholarshipTherese Lichte
Sheryl Rosenbaum Memorial ScholarshipLee Anna Saunders
Shirley Barton Nursing ScholarshipJacqueline Hummel
Sickels Family Rural College Technology ScholarshipRomeo Maverick Macalino
Madeleine Squier-Paine
Slaney Family Human Services ScholarshipAmy Hultman
Slaney Family ScholarshipBrooke Aldrich
Guadalupe Trujillo
Soroptimist ScholarshipKathryn Berger
Carissa Pearson
Caitlin Rowley
Southwestern Foundation Board General ScholarshipVanessa Barragan
Connor Fauver
Nadia Gracian
Lucy Hough
Adele Javorsky
Augusto Reyes-Mendoza
Kelsie Thurston
Issabella Vermaak
Michael Witzil
Elliott Wood
Gabrielle Zellmer
Southwestern Foundation Culinary General ScholarshipNathaniel Plant
Carmen Rodriguez
Southwestern Foundation General ScholarshipSteffanie Dean
Jessica Edmundson
Brayden Edwards
Erica Evers
Leah Hernandez
Cody Perry
Jullianna Saint Hilaire
Carley Sjogren
Victoria Varivoda
Boone Weatherby
Southwestern Foundation: Curry Campus General ScholarshipSuzu Nishioka
Kasey Saadat
Southwestern Foundation: Early Bird ScholarshipRachelle Maxon
Stephens Family ScholarshipAngel Garcia
Jessica Guerrero
Steve Shirtcliff CASA ScholarshipCatrina Clayholt
Deja McComb
Andrea Pedrini
Student of the Year ScholarshipLuzmar Giraldo Torrealba
SWOCC Classified ScholarshipAnna Muroff
TRIO SWOCC District ScholarshipHarley Loper
TymByr Culinary ScholarshipMason Franco
Paige Hoene
Vernon Brecke Memorial ScholarshipKaris Kohl
Vernon C. and Jean G. Sorenson Scholarship Bryce Bales
Hailey Smith
William Lansing ScholarshipMakenna Johnson
Jasper Nelson
William McGuire ScholarshipAleczander Hardy
Yellow Cab Taxi ScholarshipSara Torkelson
*Note: Some scholarship recipients request their award(s) not be listed publicly. The Foundation respects their privacy by not including them on this list.