Daniel Morris

Years ago, when Sause Bros.’ Human Resources Director Kathy Rose, and HR Coordinator Ashley O’Neil, visited Daniel Morris’ high school manufacturing class, he couldn’t imagine where his life was headed. First came a job at Sause Bros., and then with support and encouragement from them, Daniel entered the welding program at Southwestern, working and training at the same time. Currently Daniel is an apprentice welder, on his way to becoming a journeyman welder/fitter.

Rose says, “Sause Bros. looks forward to our continued partnership with SWOCC and welding instructor Chelsea Clemens, to encourage upcoming generations to seek professions in the trade fields.” 

Daniel says he struggled with academics when he was young but was good working with his hands. Hours spent hanging out with Dad in his shop had an impact. He knew he had an inclination for working in the manufacturing field.

A major influence on Daniel’s career path was his Marshfield High School manufacturing instructor, Glen Crook. Crook is a great partner to Southwestern and a big supporter of the College’s welding program. “Daniel was a perfect candidate for the apprenticeship program at Sause Bros. I’m really proud of him,” shared Crook.

Daniel is grateful for where he’s ended up. “I’m not sure where I’d be if I hadn’t found the trades. Sause Bros. gave me an amazing opportunity right out of high school. Mr. Crook did so much for me. And my instructor at Southwestern, Chelsea Clemens, was great. She really knows her stuff and works hard for her students,” says Daniel.


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