Coos Bay, OR – Southwestern Oregon Community College announces the return of our Physics and Astronomy Lecture Series for 2023. For the first lecture we proudly welcome a return visit from Southwest Research Institute Research Scientist, Dr. Tracy Becker. Dr. Becker was a guest in our series in November of 2020 where she provided an introduction to the Europa Clipper mission and NASA’s interest in Jupiter’s icy moon within its search for habitable worlds. With the launch of Europa Clipper approaching (tentatively October 2024), we welcome Dr. Becker back for new mission updates and insights.

This free lecture will be held on January 19, 2023, at 6:30 pm in Umpqua Hall, the new Health and Science Technology building, on the Coos Campus (1988 Newmark Ave., Coos Bay). Our speaker will be joining us virtually but will be able to interact with the live audience for a question-and-answer discussion.

Dr. Becker provided the following insight on her presentation:

NASA’s Europa ­­Clipper mission will conduct a detailed reconnaissance of Jupiter’s moon Europa and investigate whether the icy moon could have conditions suitable for life. The Europa Clipper mission will carry a payload of cutting-edge instruments used for an in-depth study of the composition, geology, and interior of Europa. But why explore this moon? Europa has an icy surface that protects a liquid ocean underneath, making it a very compelling target for NASA’s search for habitability. In my talk we will discuss what we know about Europa and how we know it, plus what we hope to learn through the deep exploration of this ocean world with the Europa Clipper mission.

The talk will be streamed via Zoom for those that cannot come to campus. Access the lecture using this link: https://socc-edu.zoom.us/j/95211532545

For more information, please contact Dr. Aaron Coyner, Associate Professor of Physics, at 541-888-7244, aaron.coyner@socc.edu. To learn more about physics and engineering degrees at Southwestern visit https://www.socc.edu/physics/.


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