The Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation is proud to congratulate the 2023-24 scholarship recipients. Thanks to generous donors, the organization awarded nearly 200 scholarships totaling more than $270,000 for students attending Southwestern for the upcoming academic year.

“Scholarships often make the difference between students pursuing their education or not,” said Elise Hamner, Southwestern Foundation Executive Director. “A scholarship is not just financial aid. Our students tell us that receiving a scholarship inspires them, because they know someone cares about their future and wants them to succeed. That’s powerful.”

Guided by a board of community volunteers, the Southwestern Foundation organized as a nonprofit organization in 1962, the year after the college started. Since then, thousands of students have attended the college using Foundation scholarships. These awards help students achieve their goals, by breaking down barriers and cultivating the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators in local communities, the state and around the world.

In addition to Foundation scholarships, the college can potentially assist families of current high school graduates with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.75 or higher with a free two-year tuition waiver worth more than $9,800 to attend Southwestern. This past year, 44 students from the 10 high schools in the college district took advantage of the GPA award opportunity. In total, they saved their families nearly $150,000 in tuition costs.

If you are interested in donating to Southwestern Foundation scholarships visit www.socc.edu/give or call 541-888-7211 for additional information.


2023-24 Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation
Scholarship Recipients
Adam Bower Scholarship Aurora Duff
Andy Toribio Scholarship Brooklyn Culver
Ann Lansing Scholarship Viridiana Penaloza
Art and Toni Poole Scholarship Raiya Estupinian
Dezi Hazzard
Ryuto Hiramatsu
Matt Howard
Melanie Nielsen
Skylee Pettit
Cadence Wilstead
Barbara Dodrill Scholarship Heather Beaird
Ruby Cardoso
Barbara Emily Knudson Scholarship Katherine Alcober
Barbara Reynolds Scholarship Marcela Mendoza
Baughman Memorial Apprenticeship Scholarship Julia Willis
Bay Area Sportsman’s Association (BASA) Scholarship Ethan Pounder
Bechtold-Laird Health Care Scholarship Vanessa Cardoso
Asa Crusoe
Davey Gayler
Laresa Rowden
Cherie J. Mitchell Scholarship Benjamin McQuaid
Cherish Pride Scholarship Alexandra Graves
Christine Moffitt Science Scholarship Hunter Ciarabellini
Boe Clayson
Harli Crossman
Amanda McDonald
Ashley Pimentel
Chuck Hanners Scholarship Antonio Gallagher
Clyde and Jackie Cherry Memorial Scholarship Nicole Hamby-Freund
Natasha Holmes
Coos Bay Vision Center Scholarship Raynee Woodworth
Coos Bay-North Bend Rotary Scholarship Kendle Langley
Coos County Cultural Coalition Genesis Scholarship Astrid Hesson
Coos County Realtors Scholarship Amber Moodenbaugh
Coquille Indian Tribe Scholarship Minami Miyauchi
CTE Training Scholarship Damon Lynch
Curry Campus General Scholarship Marshall Dickson
Jayme Larson
Rosemarie Springer
Curry Health-Related Scholarship Regina Alvarez
Samantha Mellow
Dean and Jane Muffett Memorial Scholarship Kyla Bailey-Wilson
DeArmond CTE Scholarship Alannah Gee
Sonia Haro
Paige Hoene
Joshua Theis
Adrianna Thode
Dennis and Janet Beetham Family Scholarship Derell Augustine
Aubrey Brooks
Cesarea Haller
Aleczander Hardy
Cameron Miller
Kari Morales
Luke Norris
Shane Sundberg
Ian Wakeling
Donald Ivy Memorial Scholarship Amanda Kapsner
Dorothy Heagy Education Scholarship Erika Smith
Early Bird Scholarship Bailey Ward
Ernest L. Frye-Keizer Memorial Scholarship Alissa McCord
Estella Morgan Memorial Nicole Lehto
Flaxel Family Scholarship Mia Knight
Floyd Ingram Scholarship Archal Devi
Brooklyn Garrigus
Haley Reeves
Forty & Eight Bobby L. Fraser Memorial Nursing Scholarship Jessica Edmundson
Hales Family Scholarship Godfred Amonoo
Jayden Felton
Savannah Smith
Henry F. and Elva H. Hansen Memorial Scholarship Kaitlyn Dubisar
ILWU Local 12 Scholarship Cambree Messner
Jack & Margaret S. Dean Scholarship Natalie Vincent
James Montalbano Scholarship Serenia Church
Heather Howell
Kayla Johnson
Samantha Lucero
Maria Medina
Bailey Pederson
Alan Prater
Carley Sjogren
James Reed VanDuzer IV Scholarship Zachary Warner
John C. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Joane Arzalluz Garzon
John W. Burles Memorial Scholarship Mike Marchetti
Shjon Petersen
Keiser Scholarship for Culinary Excellence Julia Conolley
Maddison Valdez
Erin Williams
Kyle Trust Scholarship Micheline Score
Laker Legacy Alumni Scholarship Avineet Devi
Leonard C. Farr Community Service Scholarship Ryan DeVore
Liberal Arts Scholarship Daniel Messing
Linda Bufton Culinary Scholarship Azul Garcia Ruiz
Linda L. Kallgren Nursing Scholarship Braydon Snoddy
Lisa G. Wampole Memorial Scholarship in Criminal Justice Aneyai Smith
Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Tatiana Edmonds
Nevaeha Florez
Mary, Kate and Cap Sharples Scholarship John Capps
Maxine Smith Scholarship Alyssa Skillett
May Virginia Smith VanDuzer Scholarship Jessica Rivera
Maybelle M. Olson Scholarship Aeryn Jones
Menasha Legacy Fund Scholarship Brandi Anderson
Christopher Gray
Andria Johnson
Ethan Pounder
Paige Speakman
Kimberly Webster
Mike Groben Scholarship Levi Clow
Steven Scruggs
Nancy Douglas Memorial Scholarship Davis Wright
New Beginnings for Tribal Students Scholarship Karli Daugherty
Allie DeShazer
Katelyn Jensen
Tamira John
Cassidy Orr
Opportunity Links! Bandon Dunes Scholarship Liam Trapold
Opportunity Links! Banner Bank Scholarship Bobbi Rangel
Opportunity Links! Johnson Controls Scholarship Jackson Rasmussen
Opportunity Links! Lil’ Bogey Scholarship Abigail Warrick
Opportunity Links! North Point Development Scholarship Ashlee Tims
Opportunity Links! Roseburg Forest Products Scholarship Citlali Gonzalez
Opportunity Links! Scholarship Eduardo Penaloza
Opportunity Links! The Mill Casino-Hotel Scholarship Peyton Kidd
Opportunity Links! Three Rivers Casino Scholarship Trynly Haack
Pacific Orchid Society Scholarship Aurora Parsons
Patricia Benetti Memorial Scholarship Michelle Villalobos
Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Scholarship Garrett Bushnell
Michele Ingle
Presbyterian Church of Coos Bay Memorial Scholarship Kiefer Allen
Summer Jake
Jack Prater
Pringle/Cunningham Scholarship for Curry Student Amy Vick
Roderick H. Morris Scholarship Kalista Bochart
Sandra Martinez & Carrie Kralicek Selfless Act Nursing Scholarship Sarah Williams
Sharon Barnett Scholarship Andrea Pedrini
Sharon Kolkhorst Memorial Nursing Scholarship Natasha Campbell
Karli Kinney
Sheryl Rosenbaum Memorial Scholarship Lee Anna Saunders
Shirley Barton Nursing Scholarship Viridiana Penaloza
Sickels Family Rural College Technology Scholarship Daisy McAfee
Slaney Family Human Services Scholarship Heather Edwards
Slaney Family Scholarship Guadalupe Trujillo
Stephens Family Scholarship Gabe Dresser
Nathan Ward
Steve Shirtcliff CASA Scholarship Brandy Griffin
Student of the Year Scholarship Jessica Pardo
SWOCC Foundation Board General Scholarship Bryce Bales
Kaytlin Burdett
Saron Cruz
Brooke Gray
Melissa Keyes
Hailey Knedel
Kylie Shaw-Kamehaiku
Gabrielle Zellmer
SWOCC Foundation Culinary General Scholarship Christa Jolley
Kale Levanger
Abigail Madsen
Jupiter Nyberg
Mckenzie Palacios
Michelle Riley
SWOCC Foundation General Nursing Scholarship Julie Carr
SWOCC Foundation General Scholarship Julia Anzaldua
Amy David
Emilia Eaton
Claire Eilers
Tori Goodell
Celeste Le
Noa Quintana
Connor Spindler
Rune Van Den Bosch
Emily Walters
SWOCC Foundation: Donna Nichols Scholarship Madelyn Ford
SWOCC Foundation: James Turner Scholarship Emily West
SWOCC Foundation: Judy Ann Mogan Scholarship Miriam Glasband
The Friends of the Curry Public Library James Boyle Memorial Scholarship Samantha Mellow
TymByr Culinary Scholarship Kelsie Thurston
Erin Williams
Uncorking Opportunity! Bandon Dunes Golf Resort Scholarship Autum Burford
Uncorking Opportunity! Carol Holden Memorial Nursing Scholarship Aria Woodruff
Uncorking Opportunity! DB Western Scholarship Monica Thompson
Uncorking Opportunity! Janet Rose Kramer Scholarship Amanda Moulton
Uncorking Opportunity! Reid/Carter Scholarship Alleyna Rohde
Uncorking Opportunity! The Mill Casino-Hotel Scholarship Kimber Privetts
Verena Matthews Nursing Scholarship Alexis Marino
Spencer Spini
Vernon Brecke Memorial Scholarship Jakob Crowder
Vernon C. and Jean G. Sorenson Scholarship Anonymous*
William Lansing Scholarship Erica Evers
Hanalei Warren
William McGuire Scholarship Joane Arzalluz Garzon
Woolridge Myrtle Point Scholarship Allison Storts
Yellow Cab Taxi Scholarship Tia DeLorto
*Note: Some scholarship recipients request their award(s) not be listed publicly. The Foundation respects their privacy by not including them on this list.


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