Instructor Paul Casler works with an EMT student


“If you are a person who likes routine, this job is NOT for you.” That’s advice from Southwestern’s Paul Casler, who trains students for jobs as paramedics and emergency medical technicians. Likewise, if you like action and saving lives, this job is for you.

There is a variety of opportunities for EMTs and paramedics. With certification you can find employment in doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, medical clinics, fire departments, and more. No experience is required to enroll in the program, just a desire to help people in crisis.

And, you will get to learn with Casler. He spent 15 years as a paramedic in Denver. Then one day he realized his best days on the job involved working with students. He was ready for a change and decided to pursue his love of teaching. Impressed by Southwestern’s support and commitment to the EMS program, Casler joined the faculty last fall.

“I believe in the community college model for entering the profession. Getting that degree is crucial,” he said.

There is a lot of interest in emergency medical careers after the recent emergency when football player Damar Hamlin collapsed on an NFL field is causing a buzz around the profession. Casler is hoping it inspires people to consider this career pathway and to come to Southwestern. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a 9% increase in the job market for EMTs and paramedics over the next several years.

“If you have a certification, you will have a job!” Casler said. “There’s a huge need in this community.”

To learn more about EMS degrees at Southwestern visit: www.socc.edu/ems.

To learn more about all our programs text or call 541-240-8227; email: SWOCCbound@socc.edu.



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