Brownies anyone?

Brownies anyone?

Local brownie makers needed a place to produce their sweet treats. SWOCC’s Curry Campus provided the perfect start-up kitchen.

Michele and Steve Berlant were known throughout Curry County for their excellent brownies. They had been attracting loyal customers since 2013 to their Old Agness Store Bakery & Spice Shop. Then in 2017, they lost their kitchen space in Agness.

Their customer base was increasing and they had a growing online business. Scrambling, they relocated to Gold Beach, and the hunt was on for space. They needed a commercially-licensed kitchen. A friend suggested contacting the community college’s Curry Campus, knowing there was such a kitchen in the building. After a visit to the campus, the Berlants were back in business, using the college as a “business incubator” option.

“Having the kitchen at SWOCC to utilize allowed us to maintain pro­duction and GROW!” Michele said.

The original recipes for the brownies were Michele’s – and she has converted her already delicious reci­pes to gluten-free versions.

In early 2022, the couple was able to move their business to a permanent ‘brick & mortar’ space in Gold Beach. These days the Berlants ship their popu­lar brownies and ­blondies worldwide, and they have added hot sauces, and Oregon-produced cheese and meats. They also just hired a second employee.

“SWOCC has a fantastic facility. In fact, I would love to have their kitchen here at our new space. They were very accommodating. The support of the Curry Campus and the community here has been ­amazing,” said Steve.

For more information visit www.OldAgnessStore.com.



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